Akira Grand Opening Spectacular Hits Pattaya June 7-8 with KEVU, 39 Kingdom

Pattaya’s hottest new nightclub celebrates its grand opening this weekend with a party so big one night can’t hold it: The Akira Grand Opening.

Not one, but two unforgettable nights explode on Walking Street June 6-7 as the Akira Grand Opening brings together acclaimed DJs Kevu and 39 Kingdom.

Akira Grand Opening All-Star Lineup

KEVU is an internationally acclaimed DJ from Rave Culture, the label of W&W. Known for his high-energy performances and massive hits, KEVU has taken the EDM scene by storm.

His collaboration track “Incoming!” with W&W has been a festival favorite, played by major DJs such as Hardwell and David Guetta. He’s a superstar DJ in the making.

39 Kingdom are one of the brightest new Electronic Live Duo projects of our time. They integrate live instruments such as guitar, drums and vocals into their live shows and their music is absolutely unique.

39 Kingdom performance highlights will include two unique shows: an LED drum performance and a dance show with stunning costumes.

It will be two nights of non-stop action at Akira, the two-story nightclub built inside the shell of the former Angelwitch Pattaya go-go bar.

Akira Is Pattaya’s 1st Class Nightclub

In the making for more than a year before the Akira Grand Opening, the club is led by the owner of the absurdly successful Sapphire Club nearly opposite the new nightspot. They describe Akira as the “future of clubbing” with a venue that features a “supreme sound system and breathtaking lights and visuals”.

Those walking into the former Angelwitch – arguably the best-looking and sounding go-go bar of its era – were left slack-jawed impressed. Angelwitch was more than gutted: Only the exterior walls were left.

Interior floors and even the roof was removed during the months of renovation. In its place now are two exquisitely laid-out floors of seats and tables under a soaring roof covered in LED panels and high-tech lighting.

When it comes to sound and visuals, the new club actually outshines its Angelwitch heritage, filling the space with booming sound that is immersive, not abusive. Conversation is possible while you still feel every beat, even at the Akira Grand Opening.

As for the lights, it runs through all the seasons and moods, lighting top-to-bottom, corner-to-corner with colored lights and lasers. The on the walls and ceiling explode with color and eye-grabbing scenes to take in at the Akira Grand Opening.

Akira Grand Opening

39 Kingdom: Straight Outta Russia

39 Kingdom, comprising Sergey and Julia, is a Russian duo quickly gaining fame in the global electronic music scene. They debuted at the Sunburn Festival in Pune, India, last week, where their performance alongside stars like Steve Aoki and Afrojack made a memorable impact. Known for their vibrant live shows that blend DJ sets with Julia’s live vocals, they have captivated audiences worldwide.

From their hometown in Russia, which inspired their moniker ’39 Kingdom,’ Sergey and Julia have moved beyond its borders to share their music. Their style is heavily influenced by icons such as Calvin Harris and Disclosure, shaping their unique sound.

The duo recently celebrated a milestone with their track “Call,” released under the prestigious Revealed Recordings. They continue to explore cultural sounds, with upcoming tracks that include local flavors from India and China, indicating their diverse musical influences and ambition.

With their roots in a mysterious Russian city and eyes set on global acclaim, 39 Kingdom represents a blend of tradition and bold new electronic beats, making them one of the most exciting acts to watch in the international music arena.

KEVU: Trailblazers in Electronic Music

KEVU, the dynamic DJ duo from Portugal, consists of João Rosário and João Pedro. Formed in July 2014, the pair met online and swiftly started collaborating, initially using the monikers Kerafix and Vultaire before settling on KEVU. Their sound is recognized for its energetic, festival-ready big room house style, which has resonated with audiences worldwide.

The duo’s career took off with notable early releases like “Cosmic,” in collaboration with SaberZ and JustLuke, and they quickly gained traction in the electronic music scene. Their remix of Tiësto’s “Lethal Industry” was a significant step, followed by “Bandana,” their debut on Spinnin’ Records’ sub-label Maxximize Records, which received global acclaim from top DJs including Tiësto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Afrojack.

KEVU’s success continued with tracks like “Stop Me” with JAGGS on Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings, and “Bang” alongside Maddix, which topped the Beatport Big Room chart. Their music has not only been successful on charts but also led them to perform in numerous countries, from India to England, showcasing their ability to electrify audiences with their vibrant sets.

With several high-profile releases and collaborations, KEVU has cemented their place in the electronic dance music industry, continuously pushing the boundaries with their powerful sound and electrifying productions.