฿100 All You Can Drink Beer Friday at Beerfest Pattaya

Beerfest Pattaya ฿100 all you can drink beer promotion Friday April 7

Unlimited beer for just ฿100? Who would be crazy enough to offer that deal in Pattaya? Apparently Beerfest Pattaya Brewery & Restaurante is just that crazy.

This Friday, 7 April, the restaurant on the ground floor of The Avenue Galleria, is running a ฿100 All-You-Can-Drink Beer special “all day”.

No specific hours were given on Beerfest Pattaya’s Facebook post announcing the deal, but the operators did say you had better book your table in advance by email or calling 093-388-2647.

There’s also this intriguing offer as part of the promotion: “If you drink more beer than everyone else and keep the beer inside, you will receive the same amount of beer as a gift!”

How they can tell you drank more than all the other lushes, or that you didn’t throw it all up is anyone’s guess.

Welcome to Pattaya.