Dave Raves Sunday Roast (07/10/18)

Soi Cowboy Patio Bars Could Be Demolished
Photo: Dave the Rave

Game Of  Zones

I never cease to be both amazed and bewildered, by the number of guys, who have bad experiences in go-go bars. Therefore, as a veteran of the neon jungles of Thailand, I will take a closer look at this issue. For three decades, I have experienced life in the neon jungle from both sides of the proverbial bar counter. You could say I was both poacher and gamekeeper, although Zookeeper was more appropriate at times!

A number of foreigners, who frequent Bangkok go-go bars, tend to complain about the same problems. I call this the broken record syndrome. Similar to a broken record the same thing keeps happening because some people do nothing about it. They visit XXX Bar and get pounced upon, as soon as they walk through the door. It is all so aggressive, as though you are about to run back out with the crown jewels!

Immediately, you are bombarded by demands for lady drinks, bar fines and the outrageous, “Ring the bell Papa!” Surrounded at your table like General Custer, you feel way out of your comfort zone. But, here is the important point, do you do anything to take control of the situation?

Don’t just sit there like a frightened fish in a shark tank! If you don’t want to cause a scene, simply pay your bill and leave. After all, there are tons upon tons of other choices in Bangkok. Why tolerate this kind of abuse and blatant greed? 

At the same time don’t try to fight fire with fire. It won’t work so keep calm. Similar to an outnumbered special forces soldier, use escape and evasion tactics. Besides, you may want to return with reinforcements another day.

If you like the bar and put it down to a bad experience, do not burn your bridges by exploding. The Thais will see it as just doing their job and you may well be labelled as a sociopathic lunatic. Remember some Thais in the go-go bars are masters of manipulation.  

Another stereotypical scenario is those wimps who tolerate a barrage of verbal abuse from a clearly disturbed bar girl. For starters, you are not her psychological punch bag! The more devious go-go girls and certain mamasans as well, try to play mind games. Always remember, don’t let your little head rule your big head. She is not ‘the one’ she is one of many! 

Bar girls can be great actors, their skills are honed from many encounters, as felines of fortune. They feel the need to be downright selfish if they are to survive in this dog-eat-dog world. However, if it affects your comfort zone, then it is not fun anymore.

Summary – If you feel out of your comfort zone in any particular go-go bar; either take control or move to a more idealistic comfort zone. You must remember it is your time and your money!   

Daves Raves – I will conclude with an appropriate quote from the late Big George of the inimitable Texas Lone Star Saloon…

“I take no shit, I don’t give a shit, I’m not in the shit trade.”