Win Night of Free Drinks at Demonia ‘Bizarre Shirt’ Night Oct. 14

Demonia Bangkok Bizarre Shirt Night

Got an ugly or unwearable shirt you received for Christmas tucked into the back of your closet? Drag it out Saturday and you might win a full night of free-flow drinks at Demonia.

Crafting one of stranger promotions you’ll see, the Sukhumvit Soi 33 fantasy and fetish club will host a “Bizarre Shirt Night” Oct. 14.

The Demonia girls will select a winner from those wearing a fetish-style shirt with the prize being unlimited free drinks for an evening.

The prize can be redeemed either that night or another evening of the winner’s choice.

Don’t show up in your Christmas jumper and hope to win all the free drinks. Organizers suggests your attire should be “best, most extravagant BDSM-style” shirt.

About Demonia Bangkok

At Demonia, everybody is invited to explore an unusual, but enjoyable, evening of costumed girls and good fun in a relaxing atmosphere.

Its in-house dominatrix and submissives will provide you with an unforgettable night of fetish and BDSM pleasure. And every customer gets a show upon arrival.

Men, women, couples, slaves, mistresses or switches … Everybody is welcome.

The club has only one “golden rule” Please wear black clothing. Given the Bizarre Shirt Night poster, though, that rule might not apply Saturday.

For those without black clothing – who doesn’t have black in 2023? – the club can provide a free black jacket.

Demonia Features

  • Stunning Bar & Lounge
  • Themed Areas
  • Atmospheric Dungeon

Demonia is located near the Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain station. Parking is normally possible on Soi 33.