Dolly of the Day – Baccara Beauty

Baccara Beauty

Late last year, Baccara, arguably the #1 go-go bar on Soi Cowboy for the past 20 years, opened its doors to Digital-a-Go-Go for the bar’s first-ever outside photoshoot.

While Baccara had allowed a Japanese-language nightlife magazine to take photos for its “advertorials” before, the bar had never officially done social media or photography. It was an experiment and one, that unfortunately, did not last long. Baccara purrs along when it has 200 ladies on staff. In December there were only 105 and only five of them were willing to pose. You can see more of the images and learn about the shoot as well as the go-go’s history on the Stickman Bangkok website.

Alas, the shoot was the first and only. There simply was no culture, history of precedent for that type of thing there. As the high of high season approached, Baccara began filling up again and the owner reversed course.

Before he did, however, Digital-a-Go-Go produced another stellar series of images of hostesses and dancers, shot in the middle-floor lounge.

This lovely hostess, not the youngest thing working there by a long stretch, was happy to pose, especially as she saw the images stream out of the camera to a nearby computer. She obviously was thrilled with the final product and, in fact, she’s still working at the door at Baccara and shows off her pictures to customers and friends. (She was working outside at Baccara Tuesday night, so you know where to find her!)

Baccara and More Dollies

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