Nana Plaza Bars Guide 2023-24: Every Go-Go Bar Reviewed in 1 Wild Sentence

With High Season 2023-24 revving up, many tourists will be visiting Nana Plaza bars for the first time and want to know, quickly, which bars are good and which aren’t.

I could write reviews for all the Nana Plaza bars, but people these days have the attention spans of gnats. So, here are all the Nana Plaza bars summed up in one sentence each.

No, this will not be totally fair. Every bar has its bad points and good points (some fewer than others). But, overall, it will give you an idea of how each go-go bar compares.

Nana Plaza bars are listed by floor in no particular order. No ladyboy bars are included. Here we go!

Ground Floor Nana Plaza Bars

  • Lollipop Bangkok – A great place to start the night with a big patio and surprisingly hot ladies inside, dampened only by some often-terrible music.
  • Twister BKK – Previously the beautiful, foreign-run Bangkok Bunnies, Twister under its current Thai owner was turned into one of the ugliest, worst-designed bars in Bangkok with ladies a mile away from seats and customers deafened with truly dreadful car-alarm techno.
  • Rainbow 1 – Rainbow’s original fans are rolling over in their graves as Nana Plaza’s first go-go bar now is a nest for ladyboys mixed with real women.
  • Rainbow 2 – Not the Rainbow 2 any Japanese punter would recognize and one apparently few Thai ladies want to work in.
  • Erotica Just sold to a Japanese hostess club owner, Erotica is the same mid-tier bar it has been for years, but is about to change.
  • Bunny 2 – Built in 2022 as Blondie, one of Nana Plaza’s best-looking bars, has now been ruined by a Thai boss who lets the staff do whatever they want and leave their half-eaten meal boxes and empty drink cups all over the bar.

Middle Floor Nana Plaza Bars

  • Spanky’s Entertainment – Nana Plaza’s #1 party bar, the fun is always cranked up 11 with super-hot girls, good tunes and fun shows.
  • Angelwitch – Nana Plaza’s original showbar, Angelwitch has the best ol’ skool rock playlist around and is undergoing renovations to make it even better.
  • Sexy Night – If you like ol’ skool bars where you can request the songs you like and never get any pressure, Sexy Night is for you.
  • Rainbow 4 – The most “farang friendly” of the Thai-owned Rainbow bars with possibly the worst, flat, watered-down mixed drinks in Bangkok.
  • Rainbow 5 ­– A place for Japanese and Korean punters that operates just like Rainbow 4.
  • Rainbow 69 – French, not Thai, owned, Rainbow 69 is small and friendly.
  • Random / Random 2 – Owned by the same group, both Randoms have pushy girls, terrible music and expensive lady drinks.
  • Essence – Spanish-owned, the newly refitted bar is trying hard but still needs more work and TLC.
  • Mandarin – A Nana legend known for decades as having some of the Plaza’s most-beautiful girls.
  • Red Dragon – Now a year old, Red Dragon has more than 70 slim, young and pretty girls, western-friendly music that skews toward hip-hop and comfortable seating that’s great for groups.

Top Floor Nana Plaza Bars

  • Billboard – The best go-go bar in Thailand, by a wide margin. The most and hottest women, incredible interior design & visuals, fantastic music & sound and American ownership obsessed with perfecting every detail.
  • Butterflies –With the same owner as Billboard, Butterflies is Nana’s nightclub, with more than 320 lights, strobes and lasers, huge LED screens, three stages, sofa seating and an oversized Jacuzzi offering everything anyone could want in a go-go bar.
  • Tycoon – One of the best-looking bars in Nana, this cool-blue party spot has three dozen attractive ladies, a great American host and ownership that loves to have fun.
  • Geisha – While improved from last year’s prior ownership, the only reason people visit Geisha is because they put naked women in a shower only inches from punters’ faces.
  • Rainbow 3 – Now called Rainbow, the bar is still the awful Enter in disguise, with the same mix of ladyboys mixed in with women born female.