Nana Plaza Is Open On July 29 & 30

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There is very good news for those guys who are in Bangkok over the Buddhist holidays.  Most bars in Nana Plaza will open their doors as usual on Sunday, July 29 and Monday, July 30.  This time around it is Nana Plaza that will become (most probably) the only farang go-go bar area in Bangkok that is allowed to open.Unfortunately for Wild West fans, Soi Cowboy will be closed this time around.  I had confirmation of this from JS who is a bar owner in Soi Cowboy.  During the last Buddhist holiday it was Soi Cowboy that was the only nightlife district open in the City Of Angels.  A decision has been made by the Tonglor Police Commander and it is final.  I don’t know about you, but I tend not to argue with guys who carry guns!

Sorry but I have no confirmation about Patpong.  Down in Pattaya, a bar owner told me that the Pattaya go-go bars will be closed Sunday night.  However, there might possibly be a chance that the bars in Pattaya can open after 6:00 PM on Monday night.  At this time, this has not yet been confirmed.  Let us hope that the Pattaya bars can open on Monday night, because a lot of people have left Bangkok for no doubt, a deserved long weekend.  No such break for this particular go-go guru, I will have to march on relentlessly into the neon jungle.  I very much doubt I will get any sympathy from you guys!

Whatever you are doing over this long weekend, I hope you have a pleasant time.  And so, in the meantime if you cannot be good be careful.  Cheers!


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