‘Banana Plaza’ No More: Nana Plaza Murals Explode with Color; 15 Beautiful Photos

Bangkok’s best adult-nightlife area is getting even better as ownership repaints the yellow “Banana Plaza” with gorgeous Nana Plaza murals.

From its sheer numbers of visitors, quality bars and girls, to its cleanliness, safety and location, there’s no debate anymore that Nana Plaza is miles ahead of Patpong and surpasses Soi Cowboy as the “World’s No. 1 Adult Playground”. But that doesn’t mean its ownership and management is resting on its laurels.

For years, the inside joke was that the name of four-story former shopping should be “Banana Plaza” due to Nana’s bright yellow exterior and interior walls. Of course, that yellow was a massive upgrade over the filthy surroundings current ownership when they purchased Nana Plaza more than a decade ago.

Nana Plaza Murals Years in Making

Management has wanted to do something with the interior walls for years. Back in the middle of the last decade, a middle-floor wall was covered in a vinyl rendering of a buxom, bikini-clad woman giving you that look. As far backs as 2016, management had looked around for graffiti artists to paint the walls, but plans never panned out.

But Nana’s owners got serious last year and commissioned well-known Bangkok graffiti artists to create Nana Plaza murals as an upmarket makeover. Nana’s owners also own Juicy on Soi 11 which had a pair of famed artists do the same kind of wallwork.

The transformation with the Nana Plaza murals has been deliberate, but quality from top to bottom. First walls were scrubbed and then coats of primer applied. Once that was done, coats of black went up and the stencils for the final artwork drawn. Then artists went to work pouring a rainbow of electric color onto the walls.

So far, Nana Plaza murals have been started in only one stairwell, but it’s almost complete. Those Nana Plaza murals are located behind and above the escalator with Mandarin and Red Dragon at the middle floor and Bun Bun 1 on the top floor.

Black paint is going up now on the walls surrounding the grand staircase – which already was stripped of its yellow – and will be the next area to get the Nana Plaza murals. A final staircase at the back of the plaza near Obsession on the ground floor and Geisha on the top will be third.

Other common areas and walls may also get the treatment further down the line.

Nana Plaza Murals Not Only Upgrade

It’s not the only upgrades going on at Nana, which drew a staggering 160,000 people in January and has continued to smash records.

The security gate at the gate has gotten an upgrade with age checks for employees and safety checks for visitors now moving much more quicky and smoothly.

Management also was seen recently walking the plaza with technicians outlining spots for additional security cameras, affirming Nana’s position as the safest redlight area in Asia.

With Nana Plaza, the best keep getting better.