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Rainbow 4 Go Go Bar - Nana Plaza - Bangkok - ThailandHold tight riders, here we go! We have lift off in my new cyberspacecraft to travel at warp speed to Bangkok and beyond. I was very fortunate to meet Mr. Ed who is a very talented Web Wizard. Together we have modified the website giving it a modern look, but we felt it was important for the site to still be easy to navigate. It is now both visually appealing and user-friendly. Thanks to Mr. Ed, Dave The Rave has entered the 21st Century in style. I am very pleased with what a terrific job Mr. Ed has done and the photo gallery is particularly impressive. Just simply click on a thumb image and it will appear on the right. This makes it very easy to interchange between images. The modified version as a whole cuts scrolling and clicking down to a minimum. All of these improvements have been implemented so that visiting this website will be enjoyable, appealing and convenient. I want to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Ed and we hope that you will become a regular reader. Also, a special thank you goes out to my devoted following who have remained loyal throughout all of the ups and downs that go with running a website.

Mr. Ed is currently tweaking a few bits here and there, so please be a little patient as he has worked very hard to get the modified version online quickly. Before I admit my old website was put to shame by other websites. Now I feel my modified website puts others to shame.

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Unfortunately for farangs the “Asian Invasion” continues in the go-go bars of Bangkok. What follows the Japanese is often a cloud of smoke. Even down in Soi Cowboy bars like Baccara have their Asian clientele blowing up a storm like miniature chimneys. I remember a customer asking a bar owner in Nana Plaza if he smoked. His reply was, “Yes I do, but not by choice”.

Chain smoking is a bad trait of quite a few Japanese male customers and along with other faults like spewing satang, this does nothing for race relations. Only the other night a friend told me that he was surprised to see that Raw Hide contained about 80% Japanese customers. The positive side for the bars about having Japanese customers is that they are generally very well behaved, they are rarely ever drunk and/or aggressive, they never cause a problem over the bill, and they tip extremely generously. I know one Mamasan who received a tip of 10,000 Japanese Yen, which works out at around 3,000 Baht. The Mamasan did know the Japanese customer quite well, but even so this is a hefty tip that many farangs would say is spoiling the Thais rotten. You will be surprised to learn that although this did occur in a go-go bar Nana Plaza it was not one of the Rainbow Bars.

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The point that I am making is that although a lot of guys criticize the Thai bargirls for being greedy it is the Japanese clientele that have created the problem. A lot of you will have previously read on Stickman about Dave The Rave’s rule of THREES – the Japanese have a THREE inch sex tool, they last THREE minutes and they pay THREE thousand Baht. And, in addition a famous farang Madam once said about pay-for-play with Oriental men, “It is like washing your hands – quick and easy.”

It looks very much like Baccara is firmly established as yet another “Jap Trap” and let us farangs hope that the trend does not spread to too many other bars. I have nothing against Japanese people myself, in fact I have a few Japanese friends. I am just sympathetic to farangs who cannot get a bargirl to look at them, because the establishment is packed with Japanese men.


Since the shock sale and closure of Hog’s Breath in Nana Plaza the old hands haunt has remained padlocked. No building work has started at all, but it is business as usual in Spankys next door. Baron Bonk feels that the new owner has more money than sense and that Spankys, even when it becomes twice the size and renovated it will not be anything worth writing home about. The ole Baron could well be right but only time will tell. And, while we are on the subject the Baron is back. My piece called “Baron Bonk Rides Again” was indeed of a timely nature, because extraordinarily Baron Bonk’s newsletter was sent out the very next day.

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In an attempt to lure you inside Spankys the new owner has introduced a Happy Hour. The Happy Hour runs from 6:00pm until 8:30pm and signs say that drinks are only 50 Baht. What is not stated on the placards held by the “hello” girls is that the Happy Hour only applies to Chang Beer. So, when they try to call our bluff, they fail to realize that you can’t bluff a bluffer. Now that Spankys are under new management it is only natural to expect some changes. The Happy Hour is at least an attempt to encourage customers inside. However, with Chang Beer being the only drink on offer for 50 Baht, you do not have to be a genius to realize that this will only appeal to one type of customer. In theory it is at least an attempt, but in reality it has achieved very little.


The neon jungle drums are beating once again because there have been several sightings of the enigmatic Stickman. Amid the neon jungles of Bangkok and Pattaya, Stickman has been seen wielding his famed notebook and pen. One very observant friend spotted him on his way to Pattaya in the Stick mobile. You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that my theories were correct about the return of Stickman. I predict that we will be seeing the return of Stickman Weekly, but I cannot say when because Stickman has been keeping his cards close to his chest.


The normally efficient and convenient Subway sandwich shop is running a super special. Subway is conveniently located just down past Majestic Suites around the corner from the entrance to Soi Nana. This branch of Subway has introduced a terrific new special offer. A six inch sandwich will only cost you 69 Baht and there is a different type of sandwich every day. Real enthusiasts please note – you can join the “Sub Club” by collecting eight stamps and earn yourself a free sandwich. Those interested in the special, or the “Sub Club” stamps can just ask the usually friendly staff. If you are on the run this is a quick solution for a decent bite to eat. Subway also provides a takeaway service too, they will wrap it to go and hand your sandwich over with napkins inside a plastic carrier bag.

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You are usually served fairly promptly upon arrival and the staff can speak reasonably good English for non-Thai speakers. I find the staff friendly and polite, and more importantly they get your order right. I am both impressed and satisfied with the wide choice of breads, fillings, sauces, seasonings, cold drinks and even cookies – naughty but nice!

At a loss for lunch, or just pushed for time? No problem, just stop off at Subway for a healthier version of fast food. Could this be the ultimate in convenient and healthier fast food? No way would I ever claim to be a healthy food guru, but for a convenient and reasonably healthy meal, a Subway sandwich must take some beating.

Down in Pattaya branches of Subway have emerged and there is one Subway shop conveniently located near the entrance to Walking Street from the Beach Road end. Enjoy!

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It is encouraging to see that at least one of the Rainbow Bars in Nana Plaza is endeavoring to appeal to a farang audience. Rainbow 4 which is among the largest of the go-go bars in Nana Plaza, now play rock music. It seems to be working as more and more farangs start to visit this beast of a bar. I have observed that rock and roll is never played early in the night, but later on during peak trading hours. They are mixing the music up to keep the go-go dancers happy too. With 200-250 pole performers that sure is a lot of young women to please.


Sometimes it makes a change to go to a bar that is different to the norm. Down on Walking Street you could easily get dizzy trying to count all of the go-go bars and you might just be looking for something other than a go-go bar. In fact, the number of go-go/table-top bars in Pattaya has now exceeded 70 with most of them located in the Walking Street area. Towards the top end of Walking Street where you can see a large tree towering above, you will find FLB Bar. Now, we now FLB Bar is not for everybody but it does have its own clientele. This is one venue where couples can feel welcome and groups can meet up here too. You are able to hear yourself think and that is certainly not always possible in Pattaya.

Every Thursday is the FLB Bar crawl, which is becoming increasingly popular. The lads meet up and sign the board by 7:30pm, so they can receive some Pizza and then the bar crawl commences at 8:30 pm. Ricky was telling me that the FLB Bar crawl group has expanded to 40 guys – this would definitely be a different way to spend a night out in Pattaya. If you would like to join the bar crawl please ask Ricky in FLB Bar for details. They are usually a very friendly bunch, the only fight is to beat each other to the free Pizza. Don’t knock it until you try it!

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Like many guys at one time or another, I thought I would try out a few forums – you know chat boards on the Internet. I tried out one recently launched forum and discovered that it is the fastest growing forum based website around. I find the members fun and friendly during integrated chat and the site also boasts the introduction of some modern features. In only seven weeks they are rapidly approaching 1,000 members, so it sounds like this chat forum is addictive. If you think you are addicted to Thailand’s nightlife and the sexy hot babes, then you probably are. There is no need to worry just become a Pattaya Addict, you can join for free. I have a section on the website, so why not give it a try? Here is the website address –

Your input is welcome please email me – [email protected]


My special thanks go out to John, Stickman, Sexy Beast, Braveheart, Farangkwaiyai, Khun Leigh and the very talented Mr. Ed.