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Living Dolls Showcase PattayaHold tight riders here we go! Welcome to my modified WordPress weblog. It is different so take a bit of time to get used to the feel of it. Don’t be afraid to push a few buttons. Go on, you know you want to and they won’t self-destruct!


To me it is astonishing to think that what started out as a bit of fun among my friends has expanded into a popular website. As an Internet newcomer I had not even sent an email until I moved to Bangkok in 1998. I originate from a rural part of the East Midlands in England. Throughout the 1990s and even (in some cases) to present day few people possessed a personal computer in the rural areas. What started out with a few emails to a group of friends has grown into this website that I now update myself. Remarkable!

We have all come a long way and I want to thank you for the wonderful support that I have received over the years. I would be the last man in Thailand to think that I would have such an auspicious fan club. I am very proud to say that Andy “The Viking” Fordham (World Darts Champion) is a Dave The Rave fan. Thank you Andy and I hope you are keeping well. I also hope that you can make a trip back to Thailand soon. Just the other night I was pleasantly surprised when I was visited by Peter, who is the authentic Baron Bonk from the UK. We had a jolly good chat and shared some swift rounds of drinks. I was flattered to be told by Peter that he is an avid reader. This is why it’s well worth the effort and I will bring you even more regular updates throughout the week.

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PLEASE NOTE – There is a problem with the FireFox browser, so please use Internet Explorer, or another web browser for now if you can. Sorry for any inconvenience to FireFox users. I know you guys like photos. Don’t worry they will start to appear again, but I’m just learning how to fly my cyberspacecraft!


I am pleased to announce to you all that there is a new weekly column in addition to Night Fever called Filipino Fever. David from Angeles City, or “Mo” as many know him, has offered to write a weekly column about the nightlife scene in Angeles City, Subic Bay and Manila. I am both excited and honored to have someone of David’s calibre joining the team. David makes some interesting comparisons between Thailand and the Philippines. His attention to detail means that Filipino Fever will be both interesting and informative. The first edition of Philippines Fever follows on at the bottom of this Night Fever. Just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling!       


The old Country Road Club right on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 19 has indeed closed her doors. But, for Country Road fans they have relocated inside the tunnel that leads from Sukhumvit Soi 5 to Soi 7. More details will unfold when Dave The Rave investigates further.

Shakerz Coyote Club


The brand new Shakerz Coyote Bar is located above Swan Pool Bar down Soi Nana — go past Rajah hotel car park and it is right on the corner of Soi 6. The Grand Opening Party is planned for Sunday, June 24. The owners say that the party will get going after 9:00pm. Enjoy!


The recently opened Sunrise Tacos is conveniently situated next to Times Square in the Leader Price Complex (between Sukhumvit Soi 12 and Soi 14). Already, Sunrise Tacos has firmly established itself as a long awaited authentic Mexican Grill. And, all this has been achieved in a very short period of time. This splendid little eatery is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lang, who incidentally are the co-owners of the Subway Sandwich franchise. I never fully experienced the splendor of Mexican food until my friend Khun Leigh invited me to dine at Bourbon Street. For those that don’t know (shame on you!), Bourbon Street serves an excellent “all you can devour eat” mouthwatering Mexican buffet. However, for now more about Doug Harrison’s excellent establishment in another conversation. And so, I was introduced to a Mexican feast. Wow guys, have I acquired a taste for burritos and tacos! My expanding waste line is indeed the evidence…

Before I forget, unlike many establishments Sunrise Tacos does cater for vegetarians too. The mixed vegetable fillings, blended with a fine range of salsas, sauces and other extras, remains just as tasty. You have my word that the grilled vegetables are simply succulent.

Here is a menu example of Sunrise Tacos classic chips:-

– Gourmet Tortilla Chips  = 39 Baht
– Chips and Salsa            = 59 Baht
– Chips and Guacamole    = 99 Baht

Don’t you forget folks that they are open from sunrise to sunset!


Whilst I am dealing with some drunken Sunrise Whacko, you just watch the world go by while you enjoy your Sunrise Taco!



As most of us are aware Pattaya has well and truly dropped into low season, but there is some positive news for visitors to Pleasure Playground. Some bars have been taking on some lovely new dolly birds, some of whom have never worked in the Pattaya bars before. One such establishment is FLB Bar on Walking Street. FLB Bar is now sporting some new dolly birds, and they have doubled the number of hostesses they had a short while ago. This news also applies to some of the go-go bars too. For those Bangkokians that do not rate Pattaya bargirls, they should think again. Just have a look at Pattaya By Night magazine, or the latest edition of After Dark Asia magazine. There you will see plenty of lovely ladies of the night. One look at either of these magazines, or a visit to a Pattaya go-go bar website will at least make you think about it. What have you got to lose? Give Pattaya a try, you can always return to Bangkok in two hours or so. Compared to the distance that my American and Canadian friends have to travel, Pattaya is merely a little drive down the freeway from the City of Angels.


Both Living Dolls One Go- Go Bar and Living Dolls Showcase maintain a steady level of dolly birds. Living Dolls One Go-Go Bar has gracious hosts who do take care of their customers. Living Dolls One is so generous that they have even offered FREE draught beer for special groups during their Special Happy Hour period. I am not sure if Living Dolls One are still running the FREE draught beer for groups, but you can always enquire with the management. I must say that Living Dolls Showcase has some lovely Showgirls. If you are into titillation, then the Living Dolls Showcase Go-Go Bar is the place to go. Don’t forget that Coyotees Go-Go Bar in Soi Marina Plaza are still hosting their “Sexy Sundays” with dance contests and special shows.

 Bangkok Properties

For a rundown on local news and information in Pattaya, plus a friendly chat, Ricky in FLB Bar is your man. At least in FLB Bar you can hear yourself think. In the Walking Street go-go bars you are trying to have a sensible conversation and a hot babe thrusts her perfectly shaped figure upon you. I find that very distracting don’t you? It’s funny how we never get to finish the conversation. Oh well guys, this is one of the “hazards” of visiting Pleasure Palaces in Pattaya. For those still living in the days of black and white televisions, that was humor folks!


Going, going, gone! Sold to the lowest bidder! Right along Walking Street and the side lanes in the vicinity, the bars are providing some excellent Happy Hours. I would like to remind the more frugal folk among us that some of the Pattaya Happy Hours are simply incredible. Some bars offer house drinks at Happy Hour for as little as 30-50 Baht. There is a definite distinction between Bangkok and Pattaya, and the Happy Hours are a perfect example. I want to point this out and remind you guys that between 7:00pm and 10:00pm, there are some extremely cheap drink deals to be found all over Pattaya. If you take the time to shop around you will be amazed at what some generous bar owners have to offer you. The term “Happy Hour” is most justified in Pattaya — this is absolutely undeniable.

 Dean Barrett Thailand

Later on in the evening the go-go bars in Pleasure Playground have to charge more. The cost of running a go-go bar has increased considerably, because the pole performers these days are demanding higher salaries. It is very hard work battling through an unforgiving low season and let us all hope that the party people continue to visit Pattaya. We should not forget that the Pattaya bars do try very hard to host parties and drinks deals. As guests we should at least appreciate the efforts of our hosts. Cheers for the cheap beers!


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Thanks for visiting.  Cheers and beers!