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Angelwitch - Nana Plaza - BangkokI am pleased to announce that the bar closing times in Nana Plaza remain very consistent.  The go-go bars remain open until at least 2:00 AM on a nightly basis.  Some bars in Nana Plaza sometimes close later than 2:00 AM if the boys in brown are late on parade.  In terms of bar trade, some of the bars in Nana Plaza have seen a real resurgence this past week.  Business is booming in Big Dogs Bar, Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar and Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar, with Rainbow 2 Go-Go Bar bringing up the rear.  Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 4 (in particular) continue to do an extremely obscene amount of bar fines.  Angelwitch Go-Go Bar (middle level Nana Plaza), has had six consecutive BIG nights with lots of cash coming in and lots of Angelwitches flying out.  My head is still in a spin from all of the “cash and carry” going on!

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Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar is located next to Play Skool Go-Go Bar on the ground level, as you enter Nana Plaza on the right.  It was packed to capacity at midnight last Friday night, when I decided to have a drink with a few friends.  It certainly is a squeeze in that tiny go-go bar with not just all those customers, but a ton of go-go girls too.  But, that’s my kind of cosy!  When I surveyed the scene, I observed a considerable number of farangs.  At one time the Rainbow Go-Go Bars were so notorious for “spot the farang man”, but this was not the case in Rainbow 1.  A high percentage of Westerners were mixed in with the obligatory Japanese clientele.  I am not a great fan of the music in quite a few go-go bars these days, but Rainbow 1 does try to play some decent dance tracks.  At least most of the Rainbow 1 dolly birds do dance.  This makes a change from what I call the “Skytrain shuffle” where static pole huggers tend to appear like they are holding a pole while they are travelling on the BTS Skytrain.

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Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar had a pulsating beat and a very impressive line-up.  I still say that Rainbow 1 has the hottest go-go girls per square metre.  OK, I know some guys are not keen on the Rainbow Go-Go Bars, but the eye candy is second to none.  Also, to some extent the bad reputation of the Rainbow Go-Go Bars is a complete fallacy.  If the Rainbow Go-Go Bars were as bad as some farangs make them out to be, then they would not attract so many Westerners.  I know plenty of farangs who have a great time with the Rainbow dolly birds in Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 4.  Some guys just need to get their selection skills sharpened up.  Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar attracts an even greater number of farangs, than any other Rainbow Go-Go Bar.  Rainbow 4 still play rock music during peak hours and they have a flock of dolly birds that floats between 200-250 go go dancers.  You will definitely find farang friendly dolly birds in Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar.  The weak links are Rainbow 2 Go-Go Bar and Rainbow 3 Go-Go Bar out of the complete group of the Rainbow Go-Go Bars.  Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 4 are definitely not the Jap Traps that some people wrongly assume they are. 

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BOOBY TRAP — Whilst in Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar a friend pointed out go-go dancer number 147 who has absolutely mammoth mammaries.  With such a colossal cleavage, I can only describe them as a booby trap.  Hey guys, you be careful in the neon jungle of Nana Plaza, because it is laden with booby traps!   

QUESTION — How do you qualify as a Thailand nightlife veteran?

ANSWER — You can remember when go-go girls really did actually dance!

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Another terrific little go-go bar is Mandarin, which is located on the middle level in Nana Plaza.  She sits tucked in the corner with Fantasia Go-Go Bar on one side and Mandarin Table Bar (previously named Silver Dragon Go-Go Bar) on the other.  Mandarin Go-Go Bar is straight ahead after ascending the electric stairs that funnily enough, are anything but electric!  (Mind you, my expanding waistline tells me that I need the exercise).  I have remained impressed with Mandarin every time that I have visited over this past week.  There is nothing remotely negative about Mandarin to make me change my mind.  Shaped like a cute cube, she is definitely a shooting star!  This is VERY encouraging news for Nana Plaza as a whole.  The forbidden fruit of Mandarin Go-Go Bar adds yet another dynamic dimension to Nana Plaza.  By contributing such a refreshing attraction, Nana Plaza’s appeal can only increase.  I dare say that the party poopers, who dislike Nana Plaza, will not be pleased to see another shooting star emerge.  And, while we are on the subject of Nana Plaza, may I remind you that rumours about Nana Plaza’s imminent fate, have been floating around for over 20 years.  A veteran bar owner said to me with a wry smile, “Oh that old rumour again, I’ve been hearing this for over 20 years.”

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In terms of talent, Mandarin Go-Go Bar is higher on quality and lower on quantity, but an added bonus is that the dancing dolls are fun and friendly.  The action was interesting downstairs on Sunday night, but late Friday night all the HOT action was upstairs.  Up until around 9:00 PM the go go girls wear full bikinis, but after 9:00 PM it gets HOT upstairs.  So HOT in fact those items of clothing need to be removed.  When Mandarin bears her forbidden fruit, there are no stars sticking around in this place!


Walking Street PattayaThis Friday, October 12 “Tricky Ricky” will be hosting his birthday bash in the newly opened Sisterz Go-Go Bar.  Located in the heart of Walking Street, Sisterz was formerly Honey Go-Go Bar.  The party kicks off at 9:00 PM with a feeding frenzy for the lads and lasses.  There will be a full buffet laid on with loads of scrumptious finger food.  Please note that you should try to get there around 9:00 PM to enjoy the FREE FOOD.  Hopefully, there will not be a stampede caused by the notorious balloon chaser brigade.

The really early birds can enjoy the Happy Hour, which runs from 8:00 PM until 9:00 PM.  House drinks are ONLY 35 Baht, which qualifies as one of the best drink deals in and around Walking Street.  Those that join the party might be in for a pleasant surprise on the night.  Ricky has steadily built up the number of pole performers and there will be plenty of fun and frolics on the night.

In addition, the booze cruise in Sisterz Go-Go Bar includes John Smith’s Extra Smooth Bitter (available in cans), Bulmer’s Original English Cider (large bottles best poured over ice), and even bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale.  Cheers for the lovely beers!

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