Not A Worry In The World

A Hypothetical Scenario

It’s nightfall in Bangkok and you are wondering where to go drinking tonight. Just then, a streak of lightning illuminates the inky black skyline. A loud clap of thunder smashes the quiet night air. The sky god is angry, as silvery bullets fire down from above. The sky god’s guns are blazing full throttle. Within a few minutes, the flood water begins to rise.

Meanwhile, your girlfriend is waiting for a call, but the plan to go out drinking is now on hold. Thinking aloud, “Aha, right I know what to do. We will have a quiet night indoors, watch a new movie and catch up on my favourite TV Shows on Netflix. I heard the new British TV Show Bodyguard is good.”  

You continue, “We can order some food, but what about drinks? Oh shit! I am out of booze because I forgot to fill up the fridge after the lads visited me.” Thinking for a moment it comes to you. “That’s it I know what to do.” You watch the rain pelting down outside for a moment, as you slide your balcony door shut and lock it. 

You call your girlfriend and she is very happy to have a quiet night in with you at your apartment. She is not a fan of the rowdy Bangkok bar scene. All that noise and heavy boozing, are really not to her liking, but she rarely complains. 

Your Thai girlfriend is on the way and you study the menu. You ponder for a moment, “What a godsend this place is for rainy nights like tonight.” The place in question is Gallery Pizza which has a superb delivery service.

These guys deliver fast, usually within 30 minutes, unless it is rush hour. Another BIG advantage is they deliver until 04:00 in the morning. Awesome! There is a variety of delicious pizzas to choose from and even a Thai style pizza for the girlfriend. You call it Kapooooow! You tried it once and it really packs a punch. Pulling a funny face as you bite a chilli, was much to your girlfriend’s amusement. Never again! 

You love Gallery Pizza because there is a ‘Buy Any Two Pizzas For 499 Baht’ which you and many others consider is Bangkok’s best pizza promotion. And, you mean proper pizza, not that fast food junk! 

You smile to yourself because you will order a bottle of wine and a bunch of beers for yourself. It’s so convenient being able to order Pizzas, Salads, Beer, Soft Drinks and even Wine from Gallery Pizza. The wine will work its magic on your girlfriend, so she stops asking to move to Europe to live. Yeah, that old story! 

The rain continues to hammer down but you don’t have a worry in the world. Bangkok is one of the world’s most exciting cities. There will always be another night to go partying. In fact, there will be tons of nights to do just that. After all, you live in paradise. 

Your girlfriend arrives and gives you a big hug. Shortly afterwards the Gallery Pizza delivery man is at the door with your goodies. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that are the best. Later that night your girlfriend climbs on top of you and rides both of you to a climax. She falls asleep in your arms. 

Daves Raves – Check out Gallery Pizza on their Facebook Page