Songkran 2024: Soi Cowboy Ready for Epic Splashdown

Songkran 2024, Thailand’s famously wet holiday, is nearly here again and Soi Cowboy will be the epicenter of the action.

While some bars and clubs will close, as staff heads off to the countryside, Soi Cowboy’s go-go bars are prepping for a splashtastic celebration.

Soi Cowboy: The Heart of Songkran 2024

The streets of Soi Cowboy are set to transform into a water warrior’s paradise from April 13-15. Suzie Wong and Baccara, along with Shark, are opening their patio bars at 2 p.m., ready to kickstart the Songkran festivities.

Revelers can enjoy the outdoor fun until 7 p.m., after which the inside bars will open for a change of pace. Leave the aquatic antics outside!

Shark, not to miss out on the fun, joins forces with Red Dragon Club & Lounge, and Mandarin Club in Nana Plaza, offering an evening Songkran 2024 Festival Party nightly from April 10-16.

These events promise the spirit of Songkran with an emphasis on sexy shows and fun, minus the water.

Songkran 2024 Parties at Red Dragon and Mandarin Club

Patpong and Beyond: The Quieter Celebrations

Patpong’s Radio City takes a break, closing from April 13-15 as staff visit their hometowns. Bada Bing, however, will consolidate staff and stay open from 8 p.m.-3 a.m., ensuring the Songkran spirit lives on for those in the area.

Craft on Soi 23 and Juicy on Soi 11 have declared themselves “water-free zones,” providing a haven for those looking to enjoy the holiday’s music and atmosphere without the splash.

DJ Maxxx will spin the tunes in between live music sets at Craft each day.

For relaxation, Daisy Dream on Soi 33 and Aya Massage on Soi 23 will pause their services, directing patrons to Madame Claude on Soi 26 for uninterrupted indulgence.

The Spirit of Songkran 2024

Songkran, Thailand’s New Year celebration, is a time of purification and renewal. Traditionally, it involves the sprinkling of water as a symbol of washing away misfortunes from the past year, preparing for a fresh start.

In 2024, the tradition continues to thrive, blending ancient rituals with modern festivities. Streets like Soi Cowboy become battlegrounds for water fights, a testament to the festival’s lively spirit.

Yet, the essence of Songkran – fostering goodwill, respect and community – remains at the heart of the celebration, whether through a splash of water or a shared dance to the beat of a DJ.