Stumble Inn Photos: Adios Big Dogs; Good or Not?

Stumble Inn Photos

These new Stumble Inn photo show what the Nana Plaza bars looks like combined with Big Dogs.

With its owner now back in Thailand full-time after spending much of the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.S., Stumble Group is shaking up the business in both Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Friday sees The Oasis changing its name to Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy and will change formats from traditional British pub to a beer bar with girls.

But that brand switch was only the latest move by the Stumble Group to change things up as high season gears up.

As reported earlier, Stumble Inn Nana Plaza knocked down the wall shared with Big Dogs and combined the bars under one banner.

Stumble Inn Photos

Big Dogs is gone in name only, with all the outdoor seating still open to Nana Plaza lookie-loos as you can see in these Stumble Inn photos.

The bar has a more-open feeling, but is a bit noisier on the expanded side. A portable air conditioner is positioned to boost the cool air, but with Bangkok’s recent cool weather, hasn’t been needed this week.

The layout certainly is easier for service staff and hopefully easier for customers to order and reorder.

What are your feelings about the new combined bar in these Stumble Inn photos and change from Big Dogs to Stumble Inn? Let me know via email.