The Oasis Morphs into Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy Dec. 1

The Oasis is changing to Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy on Dec. 1 (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)
The Oasis is changing to Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy on Dec. 1 (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)

After four years of operating as a “normal” pub, The Oasis will adopt the Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy brand Dec. 1 and bring in beer-bar girls.

The Oasis, owned by the Stumble Group, which has Stumble Inn, Big Dogs and the Nana Beer Garden in Nana Plaza, opened in November 2019 with the goal of establishing a conventional British pub in the middle of a neon alley filled with go-go bars.

It seemed like a great idea – even if minority partners disagreed – and Stumble Group should be lauded for trying it. But the owner of Stumble Inn and majority partner in The Oasis admitted Wednesday that it didn’t work.

“You only have so many years on your lease and at some point you have to start making profits,” he said.

Hopes High for Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy

Despite the lofty goal, The Oasis never became a place that attracted enough couples and women to warrant keeping it free of bargirls and lady drinks, Stumble’s boss said. The coronavirus pandemic had a lot to do with that. The Oasis opened only four months before the pandemic was declared and the next three years were a “struggle”, ownership said.

Stumble Inn is a well-known brand and should draw new customers as soon as The Oasis sign comes down and a temporary banner goes up Friday.

Helping the economics, of course, is that rent on Soi Cowboy is much cheaper than at Nana Plaza, so The Oasis doesn’t have to do as well as Stumble Inn Nana Plaza to be profitable.

Minor Changes for Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy

Other than the import of Stumble Inn bargirls – the Nana bar is attracting so many new girls each week as high season starts that there are plenty to go around – Soi Cowboy’s management will recruit new ladies as well.

Largely running under part-time management since former manager Craig left during Covid-19, The Oasis now has a full-time, seasoned bar-management pro who counts Molly Malone’s, O’Malley’s and Robin Hood among others on his CV.

While the hours will remain the same – 1 p.m. – 2 a.m. –Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy will add some of the promotions at its Nana Plaza sister bar as well as adding Brewdog and other IPA beers, plus wines by the bottle as an alternative to the standard house wine.

The Oasis was one of the best-looking pubs in Bangkok, with two floors, live music nightly and free pool on multiple tables upstairs. There also is a balcony where drinkers (and smokers) can look down on the antics on Soi Cowboy.

All of that will remain the same. But an infusion of some “Stumble style” is hoped to bring in new faces, and extra baht at Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy.