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Angelwitch Go-Go Bar - Nana Plaza - BangkokWhenever you read through any general guide to Thailand, you will learn that November is the start of the cool season. This is the time of year (supposedly speaking), when Thailand sees the least rainfall and less humidity.  Also, the average temperature is generally lower as well. 

As many of you know, the cool season is also known as high season.  I am quick to state that “high” does not mean we are all smashed out of our heads on strange substances!  Instead, it refers to a high level of foreign visitors.  With harsh winters biting to the bone, it is the ideal time to escape the Antarctic conditions of the Western world.  But, with constant climate change on the increase, we never quite know what the weather will be like.   Take last night for instance; unexpectedly the heavens suddenly opened up.  It absolutely hammered down with silvery bullets, as if fired from an amorphous machine gun.


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The tropical weather here in Asia always keeps us on our toes, and we should learn to expect the unexpected.  However in saying that, I still found myself thinking, “Hold on a minute, this is not supposed to happen.”  I was annoyed by the confused climate.  The travel guides state that it is the start of the cool season, but this was certainly not “cool man!”


Usually November through to about the end of February is classed as the cool season.  “Cool” meaning cooler than melting point.  Just joking guys, I was only kidding about the melting point, but the cool season does make me chuckle a bit.  Some Thais take the cool season to extremes.  You will see the natives wearing hats, jackets and even scarves.  The poor Thais say that they are freezing and yet to us farangs, it is like a summer evening in Farangland.  I walked into Angelwitch Go-Go Bar the other night and no less than three of the bar staff were all wearing jackets.  I kid you not; accompanied by sad puppy dog eyes, they were feeling very sorry for themselves.  I can understand to some degree because the air-conditioning does make things worse.  But what about the go-go dancers?  In some parts of Thailand’s naughty nightlife districts, the bargirls are bare-girls!  We can live in hope that the cooler weather might make the pole performers move faster on the go-go stages.  However, don’t hold your breath!

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High season has arrived and the main hot spots are witnessing the tourist invasion.  At peak times Walking Street in Pattaya is getting so crammed with pedestrians that it might be renamed Crawling Street.  Tourists just amble along with seemingly no intended destination or time scale.  Whole families can be seen strolling up and down Walking Street.  “Walking” is the operative word, because these particular tourists are NEVER going to enter the go-go bars.  But, bless them; they actually “dared” to walk amid the naughty nightlife.  They are literally just walking up and down the street. 

British couples are happy to walk along and look at the pretty lights.  Perhaps they think they are in Blackpool?  They might be invited to see a “special show” but it definitely won’t be like Summer Season at the British seaside!  Anyway, the tourists are arriving and that is good news for Pattaya.  Let us hope that Thailand has a good high season.  I would say, so far so good.

Here in Bangkok you know that it is tourist season, because the BTS Skytrain Stations and the MRT Underground Stations contain clusters of lost souls.  Groups of tourists can be seen standing around scratching their heads and generally looking totally lost.  High season is here folks!

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This quote from Stick Mark II clearly indicates that the cat and mouse games in Pattaya with the authorities are still not over…

“What’s up at What’s Up in Pattaya?  The locale known for its in the spa antics appears to have been told to cool it down and for the time being the girls are bikini-clad rather than au naturale.”

*What’s Up Go-Go Bar is located a bit further down past Angelwitch Go-Go Bar, just off Walking Street in Soi 15.*

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and there are a number of good places to celebrate with a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  The succulent roast turkey with all the trimmings on offer is the main part of the tradition.  Years ago in America at the time of Thanksgiving, turkey was the bird of that season and therefore, you get plenty of turkey.  Here are some recommendations…


Roadhouse BBQ are providing their Thanksgiving Buffet on Thursday, November 22 from 11:30 AM until 11:00 PM.  Roadhouse BBQ is located at 942 Rama IV Road/Suriwong Road (BTS & MRT Silom Interchange Station).  They offer a fantastic feast with a 21 item Buffet with all the trimmings.  Here is what is on offer…

– San Francisco Shrimp Cocktail
– Roast Turkey With Giblet Gravy
– Honey Glazed Virginia Ham
– Beef Stew With Stout Infused Gravy
– Herb Roasted Salmon With Lemon Butter
– Traditional Sage And Apple Stuffing
– Cranberry Sauce
– Sweet Potato Casserole With Candied Walnuts

The Roadhouse BBQ Buffet costs 845++ Baht.  For reservations and further information call Dana — 02-2368010

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The award winning Bourbon Street Bar and Restaurant is located inside Washington Square, Sukhumvit Road, Soi 22.  American owner Doug Harrison is “King Creole” when it comes to Cajun Creole Cuisine.  An acquaintance once said to me, “Doug is a God send to us Americans.”  Well, I don’t think Doug is an angel himself, but his culinary skills are certainly blessed with angelic charm.  Bourbon Street has consistently won “Best American Restaurant” for so many years that they are second to none.  In terms of Doug’s style of cuisine, Bourbon Street has established itself as the best of the best in Bangkok.


Bourbon Street Bar and Restaurant are graciously providing a special all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving Buffet over the next two days.  This is terrific news for the gastronomy gourmet.  The buffet runs on Thursday, November 22 from 12:00 noon until 10:30 PM.  On Friday, November 23 the Thanksgiving buffet runs from 6:00 PM until 10:30 PM.  Due to the popularity of Bourbon Street’s famous Thanksgiving Buffet, my advice is to book a reservation to avoid disappointment.  For further information call — 02-2590328/9 or email — [email protected].

I learned from Stickman that The Londoner Brew Pub is also offering a Thanksgiving Dinner.  It appears a “real meal deal” at 550 Baht.  The Londoner is located in the basement of the UBC II building on the corner of Sukhumvit, Soi 33.


Bully’s Pub next to the JW Marriott Hotel are offering a Thanksgiving Buffet for 490+ Baht.  It runs from 1:00 PM until 10:00 PM.  This year Bully’s Pub has quite an elaborate menu.  Also, wine lovers should enquire about the special Thanksgiving wine deals.  Bully’s Pub is a particular favourite eatery for restaurant reviewer Sam Worthington.  By the way, who is the mysterious Uncle Sam?  Ole Sam is said to be a gastronomy gourmet who could eat for his country.

For the frugal folk among you, Texas Lone Star Saloon (Washington Square, Soi 22) are offering a FREE THANKSGIVING LUNCH from 12:00 Noon on Friday, November 23 (*Not Thursday*).  Make sure that you go along promptly at NOON or very shortly after.  Good old Texas Lone Star Saloon — who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?

The snazzy hotels across Thailand will most probably offer a Thanksgiving Dinner, but you will pay the price.  It is expected to be in the region of (at least) Baht 1,000++ upwards.  Thanks all the same, but at those prices I think I would rather have a roast turkey sandwich.  Wherever you decide to wine and dine, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Cheers!


Loy Krathong Festival - Bangkok - ThailandThe annual Loy Krathong “festival of lights” celebrates the end of the monsoon season this Saturday, November 24.  This traditional Thai Festival is held to honour the “water spirits” and to show their appreciation to Mae Khong Kha, the goddess of water.  In order to demonstrate proper respect, one should “dress to impress” for the occasion.  Thai women wear decorative silk dresses and many style their hair beautifully with orchids.  It is one of Thailand’s most beautiful and romantic celebrations.  The romantic part is when lovers accompany each other in order to float their boat.  During a brief prayer the Thai people will say, “Kor Kamar Mae Khong Kha.”  This is to honour the goddess of water, and to ask forgiveness for any wrongdoing to the water spirits.

THAI TIP — Your knowledge of Loy Krathong Festival and its traditions will impress traditional Thai people.  This will demonstrate that you “roojak dee” – show good knowledge of Thai culture.  Enjoy! 

Multitudes of Thais will make their way down to a nearby klong (canal) this Saturday evening, and gently float their “krathong” down the river.  The “krathong” is the homemade boat that is decorated with banana leaves, coins, flowers, burning incense sticks and lighted candles.  Myriads of krathongs can be seen all over Thailand, but it is a most impressive spectacle in the ancient capital of Sukhothai (Dawn Of Happiness).  Approximately 700 years ago, it is thought that during the Sukhothai Dynasty (1238-1376), was when the Loy Krathong Festival originated.  Even the walls of the ruins are decorated with lights.  Sukhothai also host a spectacular firework display, amid candle-lit krathongs gently bobbing along glistening rivers.  In some places the traditional Thai song plays in the background… “Ramwong Loy Krathong.”

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Thailand is the only country I know that class lady-boys as a third sex.  They are a unique entity unto themselves.  The Thais are xenophobic but not homophobic!        

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In the meantime, if you can’t be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!