The Pier Gold Sparkles in Surprise Return to Pattaya Walking Street

The Pier, the once-popular Pattaya nightclub that closed three years ago during the pandemic, has made a grand return as The Pier Gold Disco Club.

Situated within the Jalwa Club complex on Walking Street, The Pier Gold distinguishes itself with a focus on quality, exclusivity and a sophisticated atmosphere. Having captivated the Asian market before, the club aims to reignite the party spirit, focusing on quality and intimacy rather than sheer size.

The larger “Pier 1.0” opened in 2013 and quickly established itself as a premier destination on Walking Street. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, the club was a favorite among both locals and tourists.

However, it closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic that had a catastrophic impact on local businesses and nightlife.

Reinvention as The Pier Gold

In its new avatar, The Pier Gold Disco Club aims to captivate a more upscale clientele. The club has been redesigned to provide an intimate yet luxurious experience, focusing on high-quality offerings rather than its previous large-scale approach.

The interior boasts an array of laser lights, dance floor LEDs, and branded seating and tables, catering to a high society (Hi-So) crowd.

The Pier + Jalwa Club

The new Pier is located within the Jalwa Club complex, the latest in a string of Indian nightclubs to open on Walking Street. There are separate entrances for the Indian-focused Jalwa and The Pier Gold, providing distinct experiences under one roof.

The reopening of The Pier as Gold is a significant development in Pattaya’s nightlife industry. It reflects the evolving nature of entertainment venues in adapting to changing market demands and the gradual revival of the nightlife sector post-pandemic.

Industry experts are keenly watching how this transformation will influence the club’s popularity and its impact on the competitive nightlife scene of Pattaya.

As Pattaya recovers from the impacts of the pandemic, The Pier Gold’s reopening is a beacon of resurgence and innovation in the entertainment industry.