Angelwitch 24th Anniversary Party Celebrates History May 30

Angelwitch 24th Anniversary

The Angelwitch 24th Anniversary party Thursday in Nana Plaza celebrates the long history and bright future of the Thailand’s original adult showbar.

The middle floor go-go bar will roll out a spit roast barbecue with all the sides, drink specials and give out gifts and prizes to guests Thursday to commemorate the Angelwitch 24th Anniversary.

Owners and staff past and present are expected to attend the Angelwitch 24th Anniversary, with special shows and costumes just for the occasion. It’s going to get messy!

Angelwitch 24th Anniversary History

Angelwitch first opened as a normal pub on April 11, 2000 in the space that currently is Red Dragon in Nana Plaza, on the south side of the plaza at the top of the escalator. A year later, it relocated to a single unit on the north side, taking over the space that had been Farang Connection.

In the second half of 2005, founder and then-owner Matt bought the unit that abuts the current Spanky’s, bringing Angelwitch to its current size and adding about 40% more seating.

With painstakingly designed stage shows, practiced, choreographed dance steps and finely detailed costumes, Angelwitch quickly set the standard for what a showbar should be, even as others tried to copy its unique advantage.

Angelwitch rose to the top of the “best of” lists among nightlife fans and began what would be a decade of dominance when Dave “the Rave” Mears took over as manager in late 2005.

Known as “Mr. Nana” and the “Go-Go Guru”, Dave the Rave presided over amazing nights filled with rock stars, actors, boxing stars and Penthouse models.

Angelwitch: The House of Rock

In addition to its sophisticated shows, Angelwitch also became famous for its soundtrack. As go-go bars cycled though pop trends, defaulted to Thai car-alarm techno and jumped on the hip-hop bandwagon, Angelwitch stood fast, building is reputation for playing rock from the 60s to modern day.

Renovation and Rebirth

One knock against Angelwitch in recent years was that the bar had not been extensively renovated since its 2005 expansion. But, in 2023, current ownership undertook an ambitious facelift that proceeded over months while keeping the party going every night.

Angelwitch now sports a new stage, bar, “Golden Shower” stage near the restrooms, floor, seating and lighting. It looks (and smells) like an all-new bar.

All of the “new” bar will be shining in the spotlight Thursday for the Angelwitch 24th Anniversary as fans raise a toast to the Angelwitch of the past 24 years and the next 24.

The Angelwitch 24th Anniversary fun starts at 8 p.m. with the pork roast, potato salad, beans and Thai sides available until they’re gone. So get there early!