District B Singles Party

District B Singles Party Matches Bangkok Expats Looking for Love

RSVP for free booze at the District B Singles Party at Backyard Bangkok Jan. 25.
Catflaps, part of the GentsClubs.com group

GentsClubs.com Eyes Bold Expansion in Pattaya; Sets New Hours

GentsClubs.com has 6 Pattaya gentlemen's clubs and is eyeing more.
Barbie Full Moon Party at Red Dragon

Red Dragon Gets Sexy for Barbie Full Moon Party

Sweet Barbie Full Moon Party shows the mania hasn't faded at Red Dragon & Shark.
Lee Shamrock performs live on the patio at Suzie Wong a-Go-Go on Soi Cowboy on Dec. 31, 2022. (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)

Lee Shamrock Brings Holiday Cheer to Suzie Wong New Year’s Eve

Lee Shamrock + Suzie Girls = Soi Cowboy's Best New Year's Eve
Buddy's new year's parties

Buddy’s New Year’s Parties a Festive Friendly Feast

Free food, snacks & champagne at Buddy's New Year's parties.
New Year's Eve parties

Wild New Year’s Eve Parties Rock Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy

It's a rockin' New Year's Eve Sunday in Bangkok's red-light areas.
Christmas Parties at Club Fate

3 Sexy Pattaya Christmas Parties at GentsClubs.com Bars

Gents, Christmas is about giving, so avail yourself of Pattaya's best gentlemen's clubs this to feast at three Christmas parties this week. No matter whether...
Billboard Playmates Party

220+ Sexy Bunnies at Billboard-Butterflies Playmates Party Dec. 5

Playmates Party biggest event of the year at Nana Plaza.
Mandarin Birthday Party

Free Food, Costumes at Shark, Red Dragon, Mandarin Birthday Party Dec. 5

'Drag Queen Thailand' & costume contest highlight Shark, Red Dragon & Mandarin birthday party celebrations for bar boss.
The Oasis is changing to Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy on Dec. 1 (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)

The Oasis Morphs into Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy Dec. 1

Goodbye Oasis, Hello Stumble Inn Soi Cowboy on Friday
Hostesses at Suzie Wong Soi Cowboy on Loy Krathong 2023. (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)

Loy Krathong 2023 in Photos: 3 Bangkok Go-Gos Keep Flame Burning

Thailand’s most romantic night of the year, Loy Krathong 2023 faded further from view in Bangkok’s red-light districts, but where it showed up, it...
Loy Krathong Music Festival

Special RhuBarb & CusTard Loy Krathong Music Fest Rocks PJ O’Brien’s Nov. 27

Live bands, DJ at Loy Krathong music night at On Nut pub
Erotica sold

Erotica Sold, Japanese Boss Plans Sparkling Refit, Name Change in ’24

Erotica sold, to be renamed 'Party Party'
Hollywood Pattaya 26th Anniversary

Korean DJs, Net Idols, Free iPhones Highlight Hollywood Pattaya’s 26th Anniversary

The Nov. 26 Hollywood Pattaya 26th Anniversary Party is one not to miss.
Loy Krathong Full Moon Party

Shark, Red Dragon Get Romantic for Loy Krathong Full Moon Party Nov. 27

Exciting shows & lucky draws for Loy Krathong edition of Shark, Red Dragon full moon parties
Bangkok Thanksgiving at Buddy's

Buddy’s Puts on Best Value Bangkok Thanksgiving Dinner Nov. 25

A good Bangkok Thanksgiving dinner is hard to find. They’re either too expensive, too skimpy or inauthentic. Thanksgiving, of course, is not officially observed in...
Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party

Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party Crowns ‘Babe of the Year’ Nov. 25

Free gifts & pizza at the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party next Saturday.

Win ฿100,000 at Club Insomnia 17th Anniversary Party Celebration

The Club Insomnia 17th Anniversary celebration is coming, with a million baht given away to fans and Boy Peacemaker on stage Nov. 17. For nearly...
Pattaya Indian Nightclubs: Nashaa Club

Marine Disco is Dead, Long Live Epic Pattaya Indian Nightclubs

The closure of Pattaya Marine Disco brought down the curtain on one era. Now it’s about to rise on another: Pattaya Indian Nightclubs Marine Disco...
Pin-Up Pattaya

Pin-Up Pattaya Tumbles, Now Bribing Customers for Good Reviews

Is the bloom finally off the rose for Pin-Up Pattaya?
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