CCTV video capture of the purse thief in action.

Danger in the Bars: Purse Thief on Loose in Pattaya Drinking Holes

Watch your valuables while drinking in Pattaya. A purse thief is walking into bars and stealing valuables. The Pattaya purse thief struck again Sunday, stealing...
Thai immigration laws

Thai Immigration Laws Enforced: 62% Surge in Arrests of Overstaying Foreigners

In a stringent enforcement of Thai immigration laws, the Thai Immigration Bureau reports a 62% increase in apprehensions of overstaying foreigners, marking an enforcement milestone.
Wonderfruit 2023

Wonderfruit 2023 Makes Festive Return to Pattaya Dec. 14-18

The Wonderfruit 2023 Festival will return to Pattaya Dec. 14-18 with tickets on sale for only 72 hours.
XS Pattaya Go-Go Bar

S. African ‘Falls’ After Running Out on Bill at Pattaya Go-Go Bar

A South African man suffered head injuries in a Pattaya go-go bar dispute after allegedly refusing to pay his bill on Walking Street. The chaotic...
RCA Route66

Bye Bye RCA: Bangkok’s Royal City Avenue Nightlife Zone to Disappear After 2024

The iconic Bangkok entertainment street known as Royal City Avenue – RCA – is set to undergo a major transformation, signaling the end of...
Chuwit now a folk hero? Spotted in April 2023 on the back of a Bangkok motorcycle-taxi driver's helmet. Chuwit Sukhumvit Square Demolition

In New Book, Chuwit Unapologetic About Sukhumvit Square Demolition, Exposes Corrupt Thai Prisons

Thailand’s former massage parlor king turned politician and anti-corruption crusader stands unrepentant in a new book about the 2003 Sukhumvit Square demoltion and...
Patpong Busted

(Video) Patpong Busted: Museum, Delaney’s Closed, Bar Boss Behind Bars, Reopenings Doubtful

A "Patpong Busted" video recaps the scandal that has led to the closure of 4 go-gos, Delaney's & the Patpong Museum.
Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party a ‘Success’ After UK Teen’s Death at Feb. 5 Fest

The second Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan after the pandemic has been deemed a “resounding success” after February’s overdose of a young British...
Tahitian Queen Pattaya

Drunk, Naked Brit Goes Bonkers in Pattaya’s Tahitian Queen Go-Go Bar

A violent attack occurred at Pattaya's Tahitian Queen go-go bar on May 2, leaving an Australian patron hospitalized after being bludgeoned by a beer...
Thailand Pre-Election Alcohol Ban

Thailand Pre-Election Alcohol Ban Hits Sat., Bars Closed May 6, 13

As the government imposes a Thailand pre-election alcohol ban and bar closures across the country before two critical rounds of voting on May 7...
Buddy's Cinco de Mayo

Feast at Buddy’s Cinco de Mayo Buffet for Super ฿150

Get ready to fiesta like there's no mañana at Buddy's Bar & Grill’s Soi 89 location this Cinco de Mayo. Embrace the vibrant spirit of...
Central Pattana Bus Route

New Central Pattana Bus Route Improves Bangkok-Pattaya ‘Sex Tourist Express’

The Central Pattana bus route between Bangkok and Pattaya will make you forget the public “sex tourist express”.
Japan Photo Voyeurism Laws Overhaul Targets Upskirters

Perverts Beware: Japan Photo Voyeurism Laws Overhaul Targets Sleazy Upskirters

Japanese lawmakers are introducing the nation's first Japan photo voyeurism laws, prohibiting the non-consensual capture and distribution of sexually exploitative photos or videos. This move...
Chinese Tour Groups in Thailand

No More Thai Visas for Big Chinese Tour Groups; Worried Tourists Must Apply Individually

Chinese Tour Groups no longer can get 1 visa for every member. Thailand now requires each tourist to their own visa.
Wine Depot Tapas Pairings

Wine Depot ฿99 Tapas Pairings Thursday Offers Delicious Deals

Wine Depot Bangkok Soi 22 will match the perfect wine with 99-baht gourmet tapas Thursdays 6-8 p.m.
Thai Condoms

Tiny Thai Condoms Thailand’s #1 Sex Export

It's not rice or sugarcane. The Land of Smiles is the world's No. 1 exporter of Thai condoms.
Iron Fairies Soi 39 Grand Opening

Magical Iron Fairies Soi 39 Grand Opening Party Friday

The Iron Fairies Soi 39 celebrates its return with a grand opening party Friday in its new Phrom Phong location.
pattaya nightclub raid

Pattaya Nightclub Raid Ruins Fun Night Again for Tourists

Police again spoiled the night of more tourists with another Pattaya nightclub raid, this time at the Hollywood disco popular with Asian visitors. Pattaya police...
Thai Election Bar Closures - Nana Plaza

Dave’s 7 Fun Things to Do During Thai Election Bar Closures

Thai election bar closures are coming May 6 & 13. Here's 7 things Dave would do those Saturdays.
Pantip Plaza Dead; This was it in its heyday

Legendary Pantip Plaza Dead; Thailand’s #1 IT Mall Changing to Wholesale Mart

The world-famous Pantip Plaza mall – the place to go for computer, software and digital gear for four decades – is no more. The mall,...
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