Demonia & The Castle Pattaya Halloween

Demonia, The Castle Pattaya Whip Up Spooky Halloween Oct. 31

Every day is Halloween at Demonia Bangkok & The Castle Pattaya!
Nilspoleon Fahrenheit Pattaya

‘Nilspoleon’ Fetes Conquest of Pattaya Walking Street with Fahrenheit Birthday Bash Oct. 21

'Nilspoleon' turns 34 Saturday and you're invited to join his brigade at Fahrenheit Pattaya.
Digital a-Go-Go Website Digital a-Go-Go Stickman

Digital a-Go-Go Website Now Live, Offering Thailand’s Best Nightlife Marketing & Photography

It took months longer than expected, but the website for Digital a-Go-Go – Bangkok’s top nightlife marketing and photography agency – is now live. Digital...
Thailand Bars Closed. Thai Election Bar Closures

Thailand Bars Closed for 2-Day Holiday, Tourists Furious

Thailand bars closed for Buddhist holidays Monday & Tuesday.
Pin-Up & XS Pattaya

Pin-Up, XS Have Ruined Pattaya’s Go-Go Bars

They're full of newbie tourists, but Pin-Up & XS Pattaya should be on everyone's no-go list.
Fahrenheit Pattaya

Fahrenheit Pattaya’s Impressive New Look

For Fahrenheit Pattaya’s owner, running a big go-go on Walking Street Pattaya is very much a case of trying “keep up with the Joneses”. When...
Penthouse Hotel

Pattaya’s Penthouse Hotel Readies Grand Reopening After 3-Year Hiatus

Pattaya's bad-boy landmark of yore, the Penthouse Hotel, is making a comeback.
Angelwitch Pattaya 2023

Angelwitch Pattaya to Be Reborn as High-End Nightclub

Angelwitch Pattaya, once the best-sounding and arguably best-looking bar ever in Sin City, is rubble and will be converted into another mega nightclub. Demolition work...
Lighthouse Soi Cowboy Bars for Sale

Go-Go, Beer Bars for Sale for Brave, Stupid

Want to get in the go-go game? There are bars for sale, but only for the brave & stupid.
Full Moon Party

Full Moon Parties Electrify Shark, Red Dragon, Fahrenheit Sunday

Go-Go bar full moon parties spread across Bangkok and to Pattaya.
Club Insomnia Pattaya

VIDEO: Enjoy Great Nights at Club Insomnia Pattaya

Feel the vibe of Club Insomnia Pattaya in this brand-new video.
Sapphire Club Birthday

Bittersweet Birthday Bash at Sapphire Club Pattaya Saturday

In what undoubtedly will be a bittersweet occasion, Gerry, the owner of Sapphire Club, will celebrate his birthday Saturday, just 10 days after the...
Jason Roche

Sapphire Club ‘Legend’ Jason Roche Dies at 51

Jason Roche, longtime manager of Pattaya’s Sapphire Club, died suddenly and unexpectedly June 14 at the age of 51, leaving those who knew him...
Pattaya Bars

Pattaya Bars June 2023 Update: Dollhouse, CEB Sold; Champagne Flat, Hooters Gutted, Dynamite Explodes

Pattaya Bars Update: CEB, Dollhouse, Champagne, Warehouse, Dynamite, Hooters
Teen Runaway in Pattaya

Wild Ride Ends for Teen Runaway in Pattaya: Mum’s Sofa Beckons!

In the unlikely tale of "Gateshead Teen Runaway in Pattaya," 17-year-old Ryan White, your not-so-average adolescent adventurer from Gateshead, U.K., embarked on an unsanctioned...
CCTV video capture of the purse thief in action.

Danger in the Bars: Purse Thief on Loose in Pattaya Drinking Holes

Watch your valuables while drinking in Pattaya. A purse thief is walking into bars and stealing valuables. The Pattaya purse thief struck again Sunday, stealing...
Wonderfruit 2023

Wonderfruit 2023 Makes Festive Return to Pattaya Dec. 14-18

The Wonderfruit 2023 Festival will return to Pattaya Dec. 14-18 with tickets on sale for only 72 hours.
XS Pattaya Go-Go Bar

S. African ‘Falls’ After Running Out on Bill at Pattaya Go-Go Bar

A South African man suffered head injuries in a Pattaya go-go bar dispute after allegedly refusing to pay his bill on Walking Street. The chaotic...
Tahitian Queen Pattaya

Drunk, Naked Brit Goes Bonkers in Pattaya’s Tahitian Queen Go-Go Bar

A violent attack occurred at Pattaya's Tahitian Queen go-go bar on May 2, leaving an Australian patron hospitalized after being bludgeoned by a beer...
Central Pattana Bus Route

New Central Pattana Bus Route Improves Bangkok-Pattaya ‘Sex Tourist Express’

The Central Pattana bus route between Bangkok and Pattaya will make you forget the public “sex tourist express”.
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