April Full Moon Party Tonight at Red Dragon, Shark

April Full Moon Party 2024 Shark Red Dragon

It’s time for the April Full Moon Party at both Red Dragon Club & Lounge and Shark Club, so prepare for a night of tropical thrills April 23 at Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Red Dragon and Shark are far from your typical go-go bars. These venues transform into epicenters of Full Moon festivities, lit by dazzling displays, thundering music and the energy of a packed crowd. The moment you step inside, the electric atmosphere is palpable.

Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza, Red Dragon stands as a beacon of wild excitement, set within a globally renowned entertainment hub known for its vibrant ambiance and exhilarating charm.

Red Dragon and Shark draw men from across the world, all converging to revel in the presence of energetic, charming Thai go-go dancers. It’s this global mix that injects an extra dash of flair into the evening’s festivities.

Exhilarating April Full Moon Party Entertainment

This party night goes beyond ordinary with added flair and excitement! Not only will there be energetic stage dancers, but also special Full Moon-themed performances designed to take the festivities to another level of spectacular.

Whether you’re grooving to hip-hop, moving to dance rhythms, or jamming to rock tunes, the DJs at both Red Dragon and Shark mix tracks across all genres to enrich the April Full Moon Party experience.

Getting to Red Dragon is simple, whether you’re a local or a visitor. Its convenient location near the Nana BTS Skytrain station makes it easily accessible. Likewise, Soi Cowboy is just a short distance from the Asok BTS or Sukhumvit MRT stations.

About Thailand’s April Full Moon Party

Thailand’s iconic April Full Moon Party has become such a phenomenal success that its festive blueprint has been adopted far beyond its island origins. Across Thailand, from the bustling streets of Bangkok to the serene beaches of Pattaya, venues host their own versions of the April Full Moon Party, each adding local flavors and attractions to the original concept. These parties often feature fire dancers, neon body paint, and buckets of colorful cocktails, mirroring the spirited revelry of the original Koh Phangan celebration.

Internationally, the April Full Moon Party’s influence has reached as far as Miami and Ibiza, where beach clubs throw moonlit parties that channel the same wild, uninhibited fun. These global adaptations highlight the universal appeal of combining lively music, vibrant crowds, and the natural allure of a full moon night, making the April Full Moon Party a beloved global phenomenon.