Aussie Football Grand Final Party

Fans of Australian sports need to make an important note in their little black book. The Australian Rules Football League Grand Final takes place next Saturday, September 29th.

There is no better venue in the Big Mango to experience this thoroughly entertaining sports event than The Australian Pub & BBQ. The Aussie Pub, as I refer to it, is conveniently located amid the heart of the action on Sukhumvit Soi 11 in downtown Bangkok.

Unlike the other footy wimps who roll around on the floor in false agony, Aussie style footy is for real men! In addition, they are not covered from head to foot in pads and helmets like their American counterparts. As an Aussie would say, “It’s a bloody tough sport cobber!”  

Time is approaching to buy your ticket for the forthcoming AFL Grand Final Mega Party, which offers a great party package.

The big game kicks off at 11:30 am but The Aussie Pub will start partying at 9:00 am. Come on down under for Free-Flow Beer & Wine until the final whistle. You can take a power nap after the game and then, you will be ready to party all night.

Tickets for the party are 1,400 baht in advance and 1,600 baht at the door. In addition to the Free-Flow Beer & Wine, it also includes an authentic Aussie lunch at half-time. 

 The Aussie Pub will be overflowing for the event, so footy fans should book early to guarantee a table.

In addition to the AFL Grand Final, next weekend will also see the Australian NRL (National Rugby League) Grand Final on Sunday, September 30th. Both of these BIG sports events will also be shown at The Kiwi Pub.

Do you wanna have some vino in the arvo?  Throw in a bunch of Sexy Sheila’s and it will be a ripper mate!