Bad Beach Go-Go Bar Takes Cozy Lounge Shape on Soi Cowboy

Inside Bad Beach Go-Go Bar on June 20. (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)
Inside Bad Beach Go-Go Bar on June 20. (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)

If “good artists borrow and great artists steal”, then the Crazy House group is looking pretty great with its new Bad Beach go-go bar that looking an awful lot like a certain Nana Plaza lounge.

Under construction in the spot that once was Lighthouse a-Go-Go, Bad Beach go-go bar is hurtling toward a possible Aug. 1 launch. There’s still a ton of work to be done, but Digital a-Go-Go got a look inside this week and things are looking a lot like Lace Lounge.

The under-construction stage and the Bad Beach go-go bar artist’s renderings obtained this week show a shape almost identical to the Nana Plaza lounge upstairs from Tycoon aGoGo. The red color scheme, cushy sofas and lack of stadium seating also make it obvious Crazy House bosses were among the many bar owners and managers who have visited and admired Lace Lounge since its opening a few months ago.

Bad Beach Go-Go Bar Renderings

In the artist renderings, the lounge feel extends upstairs as well. The stage pictured looks quite small for the supposed “stupid pussy tricks” shows that many assumed would occur upstairs, given the history of the tawdry acts running in Crazy House and, previously, in Kazy Kozy.

How fast all the work comes together, and how closely it will resemble the renderings, remain to be seen, but whatever form it takes, Bad Beach go-go bar will be a welcome addition to Soi Cowboy.