Baht Buster Breakfast At The Irish Rovers

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Baht Busters! When you are hungry and you need a great ‘meal deal’ who are you going to call? You call Baht Busters! The Irish Rovers rightly claim the top spot for the best bang-for-baht breakfast for ONLY 99 baht.

Down in Soi LK Metro you will find the Irish Rovers, which is owned and managed by Simon. I found the Irish Rovers to be a friendly bar with very good bang-for-baht pub grub. I was impressed how friendly Simon and staff are and I will return to the Irish Rovers the next time I am in Pattaya.

The only complaint I have is that I kept ordering the Baht Buster Breakfast, which I might rename Belt Buster! The belt buckle on my jeans came under some strain I can tell you. As you can see from the photo below, it is a man’s meal. Also included is a mug of tea, or coffee, and a glass of orange juice.