Bangkok Bars Booze Ban

The recent booze ban for Bangkok’s bars is due to government elections in Bangkok.  The frustrating thing is that although foreigners cannot vote, we are forced to suffer the ban along with the Thais.  Perhaps it is best to put it down to one of the idiosyncrasies of Thailand that we will never fully understand.  I think I can vaguely understand the theory behind the booze ban, but it does seem a draconian approach to me.  These dry days and bar closures are confusing and therefore, I decided to clarify the situation for you.  Last night (11/12/10) the whole of Soi Cowboy was in eery darkness and yet, the majority of go-go bars in Nana Plaza were open.

UPDATE 12/12/10 – The good news is that the booze ban is over for this latest round of Thai elections.  Furthermore, there are no more booze bans, or bar closures for the rest of December, as well as throughout January.  As from tonight, all of the Bangkok bars, pubs and clubs will be open and serving alcohol again.

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