Bangkok Book Signing On 07/08/2010


If you ever wanted to meet a Bangkok based acclaimed author, then you are in luck.  If you want to buy a novel and have it signed by an acclaimed author, then you will be double lucky.  If you would like a FREE lunch and discount on the book, then you are triple lucky.  My good friend Dean Barrett has published his latest novel and is hosting a book signing.  ‘Permanent Damage’ the sequel to Skytrain to Murder, is on sale in Thailand’s book stores now.  The book signing will be, as always, at the Texas Lone Star Saloon, Washington Square (Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok).  As usual, it will be from 14:30 to 16:30 hours this Saturday afternoon.  And, of course, the lovely ladies of the Lone Star Saloon will be there to fulfill your every desire and cater to your every need.  Dean commented, ‘Ladies drinks are cheap, so please buy them one, or three with your free meal’.  Furthermore, in book stores Permanent Damage will cost you 450 baht.  At the signing it will ONLY cost you 300 baht.  Despite the fact that Dean is a talented writer, he really is a smashing guy and well worth meeting.  I will be there, so I hope to see you then.  Cheers! 

Saturday, August 7th, FREE lunch at 15:00 hours sharp!