Bangkok Booze Ban 01/03/2018


Bangkok’s naughty nightlife areas in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza will be CLOSED for tonight only. This is due to a Buddhist Holiday, which is one of the biggest on the Thai calendar. Most of Patpong will probably follow suit by remaining closed, but there might be the odd venue discretely serving pots of special tea!

If bars, pubs and clubs, are caught selling alcohol, it can be treated as a serious matter. To ignore the official orders of the Royal Thai Police can prove to be a costly decision. The Thai authorities can enforce heavy fines and in certain cases legal action. This may result in a bar being closed and having their licenses revoked.

Dave’s Raves – The booze ban is just for one day. In fact, some late night venues will open from midnight tonight. Then it’s full steam ahead on Friday!