Bangkok Emergency Updates

BANGKOK STATE OF EMERGENCY – Due to the serious situation in Bangkok, I will try to post updates at least every hour.  Stay tuned it is going to be a long night…

DAVES RAVES – I’m off to bed after 15 hours on the computer.  See you again soon!

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 01:00 AM – High definition video footage of Central World Shopping Mall burning down.  The red mob were clapping and cheering as it burned – CENTRAL WORLD VIDEO

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 12:45 AM – Parts of Central World, which was destroyed in an arson attack collapse.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt.  (The Nation)

THAILAND EMERGENCY UPDATE 12:30 AM – I’ve been at the computer approaching 15 hours and not sure how much longer I can last.  I’m just not 21 anymore!

THAILAND EMERGENCY UPDATE 12:00 AM – Rioting is spreading around other parts of Thailand.  Fires are reported in Chiang Mai and in some towns in Isaan as well.  Pattaya bars and shops were all closed earlier this evening.  Pattaya falls under one of the 23 provinces in which the curfew was declared.  Unbelievable!   

THAILAND EMERGENCY UPDATE 11:30 PM – Thai Prime Minister Abhisit jusifies on national television why he imposed a curfew in Bangkok and in 23 other Thai provinces.

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 11:00 PM – We are wishing that this violence in Bangkok was just a horrible nightmare, but it is not.  The world is waking up to witness the worst civil violence in Thailand for decades.  I cannot believe that the red mob has destroyed Central World Shopping Mall and so many people have been killed and wounded.  It is truly shocking.  (Dave The Rave)   

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 10:45 PM – Guardian – Bangkok Gripped By Violence

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 10:30 PM – Red rioters in Chiang Mai have ignored the curfew imposed by the Thai government.  Also, violence broke out in several towns and cities in Northeast Thailand.  (Bangkok Post)

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 10:15 PM – A gunfight broke out today at the Din Daeng intersection.  Angry red rioters burned tyres, while gunfire and explosions were heard continuously.  (The Nation)

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 10:00 PM – Earlier today four Thai troops and one reporter were injured in an M-79 grenade attack on the Thai-Belgian Bridge in Bangkok.  (The Nation)

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 9:45 PM – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has warned that the gutted Central World building could collapse.  Central World Shopping Mall was one of Bangkok’s most prominent landmarks until it was completely destroyed tonight in an arson attack by the red mob. 

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 9:30 PM – Explosions and gunfire can be heard around Bangkok.  It is even more evident now that a curfew is imposed until 6:00am. The Bangkok Post reports that rioters have set fire to 27 buildings around Bangkok…


BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 9:00 PM – Another red leader is arrested…

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 8:15 PM – I’m having problems with my internet connection, but determined to keep the urgent updates coming.  This is the worst civil violence in many years in Bangkok.  (Dave The Rave)

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 7:15 PM – Central World Shopping Mall has been destroyed in a fire, which was torched during the red riots.  The arson attack by the red mob is one of several huge fires in Bangkok.  (The Nation)


BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 6:15 PM – An angry red mob set fire to Siam Theatre and looted shops in Siam Square.  They even tried to prevent emergency services from putting out the fire.  (The Nation)

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE 6:15 PM – Channel 3 TV Station was torched by the red mob.  Fortunately, the fire has been put out and police are on the scene.  (The Nation)

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE: 5:45 PM – Whole areas of Bangkok are beyond tense, it is turbulent out there.  Helicopters hover above amid gunfire, flames and huge plooms of black smoke pouring up into the sky.  We can’t believe this is happening in the so-called City Of Angels.  (Dave The Rave)

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATE: 5:30 PM – The Thai government imposes a curfew in Bangkok from 8:00pm until 6:00am.  Fires are reported in at least 15 spots in Bangkok. The anti-government ‘red riots’ continue in Bangkok.  (The Nation)

NANA PLAZA UPDATE 5:00 PM – Due to incidents in and around the Soi Nana area, most if not all bars will be closed in Nana Plaza tonight 19/05/2010.  (Dave The Rave)

BANGKOK NEWSFLASH – Thai troops have stormed the ‘red shirts’ barricade with armoured personnel carriers.  Four people have been killed and over 50 injured in today’s clashes.  An Italian journalist was one of those who was killed.  The red shirt leaders have surrendered and are in police custody.  (Bangkok Post, The Nation, BBC News) 

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS – More roads are blocked off and the red mob continue to riot.  There was even an attempt to set Central World on fire.  Friends are reporting that they are trapped in their streets, with no exits for vehicles.  Tens of thousands of Thai troops and security forces are all around the flashpoints, which is spreading to lower Sukhumvit.  There are red mob setting fire to tyres and other objects.  A pregnant Thai lady is trapped inside her apartment with no electric, or water.  She cannot leave because there is shooting in the streets.  Ging and her family live near Klong Toey.  Meanwhile, the madness and mayhem continues…

RUSSIA TODAY VIDEO – Thai Troops Storm Red Shirt Barricade

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