Bangkok’s Bars Open 21st & 23rd

Dave the Rave Bangkok Default Featured Image

Asian Babe - Bangkok - ThailandHere is an update about the Thai Elections.  Tonight Friday, December 21st, the go-go bars, pubs and clubs are open right across Thailand.  So guys, go out and enjoy your Friday night.  Tomorrom is looking doubtful that many bars will be open at all across Thailand. But, go-go bars will be open in Bangkok.  The Thai authorities in their infinite wisdom have declared December 22nd a NO ALCOHOL day.  Various sources have reported to me that it is VERY DANGEROUS for any bar to attempt to sell alcohol on December 22nd.  However, if you look around you might get lucky.  The actual Election Day is December 23rd, but the bars in Bangkok will be serving alcohol on that evening.  It is predicted that early in the evening all establishments in Bangkok can serve alcohol, because the Elections will thankfully be over.  Pattaya has been hit hard this December as all bars will be forced to close a total of 4 days this month.  Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai will be very pleased to see the back end of Thailand’s tourism turmoil.

As disgruntled as some people are, it is very important for Thailand to vote in a civilian government.  All in all, we only have one more NO ALCOHOL day to get through in Bangkok and then it will be a case of party on people!