Big Erection Day

Dave the Rave Bangkok Default Featured Image

One of my Thai friends cracked us up by saying, “Big Erection Day!”  Arie na kap? (Pardon me).  Apparently the Thais have “mounted’ yet another Big Erection Day!  Don’t you just love that “R” and “L” Oriental plobrem!


Some people think that this referendum is an important vote for the constitution of Thailand, while others just want to get smashed.  The good news is that the Bangkok bars will be open.  The main nightlife areas in Bangkok have confirmed that they will be open this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Sorry to resident veterans, but this is very confusing for guys who do not reside here in Thailand.  Mind you, it is confusing enough for us who live here too!  The Bangkok bars will be open… Yipee!

Down in Pattaya there has been nothing confirmed either way, so poor ole Pleasure Playground does not know yet.

Electric Blue In Patpong 2

Club Electric Blue - Patpong 2

Tonight Club Electric Blue will host one of its famous infamous big bashes.  Make your way down to Patpong 2 tonight for a wild party night.  Just a reminder for a previous post placed number three on the Home Page.  A whole load of cheap drinks with a special “Booze Buffet.”  Enjoy!