Billboard 8th Anniversary Party

There are go-go bar parties and then there are Billboard parties. And the  Billboard 8th Anniversary Party  will be the biggest of them all, exploding across the top floor of Nana Plaza Sept. 9 with free gifts, food and a beauty pageant.

While Billboard has been open in Nana Plaza for 12 years, it only became the best and most popular go-go bar in Thailand under its current American ownership, which took over in 2015. Since then, Billboard has become the gold standard for what a go-go bar should be: 100+ gorgeous ladies, nightclub-standard sound and lighting, professional customer service, stunning LED-screen visuals and a vibe nowhere other than sister bar Butterflies Bangkok can touch.

Billboard’s parties have become legendary. The line to get in starts before doors even open at 8 p.m. and the place is packed within minutes. This year’s Billboard 8th Anniversary Party will be no different.

The center section of the bar again will cordoned off for the Billboard 8th Anniversary Party with velvet ropes for precooked VIP tables. A very limited number of VIP seats are still available with the pre purchase of a VIP package that includes two premium bottles, commemorative glasses, mixers and ice. Bookings are made only through the Billboard VIP Club channel on the Line messaging app.

For the non-VIPs, get to the Billboard 8th Anniversary Party early. Every party is a sellout and the funniest thing to be seen in Nana Plaza on Billboard anniversary nights is the expression on the faces of guys who wander in late not knowing what is happening. It will be shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone and anyone you know from the bar scene in attendance.

Billboard 8th Anniversary Party Madness

Another reason to get to the Billboard 8ith Anniversary Party early? The first 100 guests will receive a limited-edition 8th Anniversary Party glass. 

As always, there will be food, including 100 large pizzas from Pizza Mania for all guests.

The highlight of the evening, however, will be the second-annual Billboard Babe of the Year pageant with 50,000 baht in cash prizes up for grabs. 

The Billboard Babes will be decked out in their wildest and most glamorous costume creations, all of them hoping to win the crown, sash and 25,000 baht in first-prize money.

The pageant begins with all 100 ladies taking turns on stage, in groups of 10. From there, judges picked by the owners choose finalists with the top three selected by the crowd through very long, loud and piercing screams. If you thought go-go music was loud, you’ll want to bring earplugs for the voting round!

It won’t only be the pageant winners taking home big money: Billboard parties are famous for the owners and VIPs making it “rain” all night. More than 200,000 baht in 20-baht bills will fly with all the dancers and staff taking home tips in grocery bags!

If it sounds wild and crazy, it’s because it is. There’s nothing like the Billboard 8th Anniversary Party. Don’t miss it.