Billboard Go-Go Bar Reaches For The Stars

Billboard Go-Go Bar is not just on top of the world due to its location of Floor 3 in Nana Plaza, but it is reaching for the stars in terms of its ever-increasing popularity. A significantly improved bevvy of babes in the form of a replenished line-up of go-go dancers has established Billboard, as one of the most popular go-go bars in Thailand.

And, talking of stars, the showgirls are becoming starlets in their own right. The precisely choreographed show routines performed by the RED HOT team of Billboard babes, are a refreshing change from the dreaded Skytrain shuffle. In fact, in some bars there is often more body movement on a Skytrain!

Billboard recently celebrated its 1st Anniversary with a party on March 1st that had even this BIG bar packed to the rafters. If you like to party, then you are in the right place, because it is party time every night in Billboard Go-Go ‘N’ Show Bar. Also, let’s not forget the Billboard bubble bath babes, who wiggle ‘n’ giggle in a large Jacuzzi. As the Candy Man would say, ‘It’s good ole clean fun!’

Billboard Showtime on the carousel starts at 9:30pm and is repeated hourly.