Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party Crowns ‘Babe of the Year’ Nov. 25

Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party

Party season kicks into high gear Nov. 25 when Nana Plaza sees the epic Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party.

The Nov. 25 Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party is one everyone circles on their calendar. And the first 100 guests will be greeted with free drink glasses and everyone will be treated to free pizza.

The highlight of the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party will be the Butterflies Babe of the Year pageant, a tradition that Butterflies shares with sister bar Billboard. The contest adds a competitive and entertaining spark to the evening, with the winner set to receive a grand prize of 25,000 baht and runners up another 15,000 baht.

Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party

Butterflies has undergone a remarkable transformation since its opening, much like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Looking back now from the view of the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party, it’s hard to remember Butterflies as Jail Birdz or Lone Star before it. As Stickman Bangkok noted in July 2016: “Bars in that spot … have hemorrhaged money or been vacant. Under previous names, bars in that spot have been the problem child of Nana, pun absolutely intended.”

Before the current management took over Billboard and Jail Birdz, “many punters never (made) it to the top floor, and more than a few bar bosses who ran bars on the top floor … lost their shirt,” Stickman wrote.

That has all changed. Now the majority of punters enter Nana Plaza, make an immediate hard left and head up the stairs or the lift to the top floor. The line will be long for the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party, so get there early!

Butterflies’ Redesign

Jail Birdz, started by the same man who created the similarly prison-themed Alcatraz in Pattaya, lasted less than a year after its sale. In the last days of November 2016, it was reborn as Butterflies, which broke the cycle of failed  bars in that spot. The transformation is evident in the club’s interior design, which has shifted from a cold, prison-like aesthetic as Jail Birdz to a more inviting and modern nightclub vibe.

The redesign included the addition of nearly 300 programmable LED lights and state-of-the-art subwoofers, creating an exceptional sound system that is considered the best among Thailand’s go-go bars. While similar equipment is found in Billboard, the acoustics in Butterflies provide a superior sound experience. The club’s evolution continued with the installation of seven large LED screens last year, further enhancing the visual appeal.

Butterflies Appeal More Than Skin-Deep

The club’s character extends beyond its physical space. It’s evident in its musical selections, dancer lineup and the overall atmosphere.

. It’s no secret that Billboard’s dancers are not only gorgeous, but quite “professional”. They’re there to make money and take events such as anniversary parties very seriously, showing up en masse before the doors open, ready with the shopping bags they eventually carted home full of 20-baht bills.

Butterflies girls are, for better or worse, a lot more relaxed. It’s also notable that the average age in Butterflies is years younger than in Billboard and they arguably are more fun. But prompt they are not. Whereas Billboard’s party was packed out with ladies at 8 p.m. sharp, last year, one of Butterflies’ two stages remained empty until 9 p.m.. The lovely doorgirls were even later!

Butterflies Long Road to Success

Reflecting on the club’s journey, the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party also serves as a moment for ownership to consider the challenges overcome along the way.

The initial years were difficult, with the club struggling to attract a steady clientele. The design at the time, which featured a stark, prison-like interior, did not help in creating an inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact, with Butterflies experiencing a more challenging recovery compared with Billboard.

Despite these hurdles, Butterflies has not only rebounded but also flourished, a fact that will be on full display at the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party.

The club now boasts a roster of up to 120 ladies on some nights, contributing to its lively and dynamic atmosphere. A distinctive feature of Butterflies is its comfortable sofa seating, which includes loveseats and large armchairs, creating cozy spots for guests to relax and interact with the Butterflies Babes.

The Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party is expected to be a testament to the club’s resilience and success. It’s a celebration not just of the past seven years but also of the journey and transformation that have led to its current status as a premier destination in Bangkok’s nightlife scene.

The Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party promises to be a night of festivity, entertainment, and reflection, marking another milestone in the club’s continuing evolution.