Charades Bar Has Been Sold

Charades Cabaret Show Team

Situated on the Top Floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza you will find Charades Go-Go BarLocated near Butterflies Go-Go Bar, this large bar was previously known as Cascade.

Turning the clock back to when the Crown Group originally owned this venue, they undertook an extremely ambitious construction project.

The concept was to envisage entering a cave complex, with waterfalls cascading into intricate streams, rock walls and even, a mega expensive laser lighting system. 

It was a spectacular venue that then switched genre to a ladyboy go-go bar. Initially, Cascade Bar did a brisk trade and had a large number of ladyboy go-go dancers on the books.   

Coming back to the present, the whole venue took a lot of maintenance both monetarily and technically. Although it was quite rundown, the Nana Group took over ownership and business thrived for a while. 

Following this, more ladyboy bars emerged in Nana Plaza and the introduction of several mixed gender go-go bars. Hey, as though some poor guys were not confused enough! 

Currently, Charades is going through a transition period, as it has been bought by a Korean businessman. It remains to be seen what he intends to do with Charades, but it is unlikely he will stick with the current format. 

Charades Cabaret Show Team perform a colourful stage show nightly from 10:30 pm. If you are looking for a Ladyboy Cabaret Show, then you had better visit Charades Bar soon. 

Daves Raves – I will keep you informed of any forthcoming developments.