Club Insomnia Bangkok – Angels & Demons

Club Insomnia is a vibrant late night disco located on lower Sukhumvit Road. The exact location is right next to Times Square inside the complex on Sukhumvit Soi 12 in downtown Bangkok.

It usually takes new bars, pubs and clubs a considerable amount of time to become established. Well, not in this case, because Club Insomnia Bangkok has become popular very quickly.

Some people believe that Club Insomnia is not so busy, but the sheer size of this nightclub can be deceptive. Step back and have a good look, it is a lot bigger than you might think. The basic rule for assessing how well a particular bar, or club is doing is to count people, and not space.

The big brother otherwise known as Club Insomnia Pattaya is the most popular nightclub in Sin City. Located right in the heart of the action on Walking Street, the original Club Insomnia does a brisk trade on a nightly basis.

Recently, Club Insomnia Bangkok held an ‘Angels & Demons Party’ which as you can see in the mini photo gallery below, attracted some angelic Thai girls and a number of naughty demons too…

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