Sexy Coyote Dancers Shock Thais with Dance at Thailand Shrine

Photos and video capture of coyote dancers at Thai temple
Photos and video capture of coyote dancers at Thai temple.

Nearly a dozen scantily-clad coyote dancers offended religious conservative Thais when they were hired to perform at a sacred shrine by a Chinese businessman.

The coyote dancers performance at the Ajarn C Barameedham Khemthewa Naga shrine in Kamphaeng Phet Province was done to fulfil a vow the Chinese national made after his business became successful

Much-offended Kanya-on Chanjohn shared a video of the dance on Facebook April 2. It showed several coyote dancers in front of statues, captioning it โ€œRich, Rich, Rich!โ€ Later, she clarified that the performance was part of a vow fulfilment ceremony for the Chinese businessman.

The video went viral on Thai social media after being reposted by MGR Online Northern Thailand. It is unusual for coyotes to perform in front of sacred statues.

The ceremony was conducted in front of a statue known as Pu Racha Ngang Udomsap, which is believed to bless worshippers with success and popularity. A representative from the shrine confirmed that the statue was not a Buddha statue but a sacred image.

Coyote Dancers Common in Thailand

In Thai culture, it is customary for people to make vows or wishes to sacred images or statues found in shrines or temples. After their wishes are fulfilled, they return to the shrine to offer gratitude, prayers or fulfil any promises they made.

The Chinese businessman reportedly runs a food-supplements company and had made a promise to fulfil a vow if his business became successful. This was reportedly the fourth time he had fulfilled his promise at the same shrine.

Similar incidents have taken place in Thailand, such as a man offering 100 pigsโ€™ heads to a Buddha statue at Klang Bang Phra Temple after his wish to win the lottery was granted. Another lottery winner also offered 12 pairs of Converse sneakers to Thao Wessuwan, the god of wealth, to express gratitude for the fulfilment of their wish.