Daves Raves – Daily Updates

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  • NEWSFLASH – “Ladyboys Killed David Carradine” – for this shocking news report click here;  http://bit.ly/IM644 #
  • DAVES RAVES – I have just returned from Isaan (Northeast Thailand), due to a family emergency. This is the reason for the lack of updates. #
  • DAVES RAVES – Baccara Bar in Soi Cowboy offer a ‘free feeding frenzy’ every Friday night. The buffet includes a pig-on-a-spit. Enjoy! #
  • SHARK ATTACK! Free feeding frenzy inside Shark Bar (Soi Diamond, Pattaya) every Friday. Starts around 9:00 pm and goes on past midnight.  #
  • SHARK ATTACK! The ‘free feeding frenzy’ in Shark Bar (Soi Diamond) is served inside. Great news for peckish dolly bird watchers. Enjoy! #