Daves Raves – Go-Go Guru Guide

  • DAVES RAVES – This Christmas Thailand did not have the tourist troops marching in as expected. None of the beach resorts in Thailand were particularly busy for the time of year. Hopefully New Year’s Eve will be busier.
  • BIRTHDAY BOY – My website celebrates its 3rd Anniversary. Thanks for your loyal support over the years, it is always appreciated. Cheers!
  • BANGKOK is gearing up for New Year’s Eve. The Thai authorities (MIB – Men In Brown), have announced that bars and clubs can stay open until early morning. Hooray!
  • XMAS DINNER – Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Soi Nana will sell Christmas meals until January 1st. The extended Xmas menu has multiple options. Just in case you missed out on your Christmas dinner!
  • NANA PLAZA – Spanky’s Go-Go Bar has a purpose-built aquatic feature and the mermaids are lovely. In addition, Spanky’s girls will whip you into shape!
  • NANA PLAZA – Around 10 go-go bars in Nana have introduced either mono bikinis, or birthday suits. They are bringing back the ‘bad’ old days!
  • NANA PLAZA – Mono bikinis feature in Angelwitch, Erotica, Mandarin, Mercury, Rainbow 1, 2, 3 & 4, Spanky’s, plus birthday suits in Carousel. Awesome!