District B Pours Exclusive Leap Year Offer: 50% Off All Drinks Feb. 29

District B Leap Day Special

District B at Backyard 69 in Phra Khanong is rolling out an exclusive Leap Day special, offering half-priced drinks all day on Feb. 29.

Nestled within the lively Backyard Bangkok community garden and food court, just off Soi 69 and a short stroll from the Phra Khanong BTS station, District B is seizing the leap year with a unique promotion. Patrons can enjoy a 50% discount on all beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks, with an additional 20% off on bottles of wine, available throughout this special day.

A Culinary Hub in Backyard Bangkok

Backyard Bangkok, the vibrant setting for the bar, is more than just a drinking spot. It’s a culinary destination where guests can complement their half-priced beverages with a variety of food choices.

Basketcase offers sharing platters ideal for groups, Goodburgโ€™s serves up juicy burgers, and Sunrise Tacos provides a taste of Mexican cuisine, ensuring a rich and diverse dining experience.

District B More Than Just a Bar

District B, alongside its fellow Backyard Bangkok establishments, represents a broader initiative to create a social and dining hub in Phra Khanong.

This area has quickly become a focal point for the community, offering a mix of entertainment, food, and socializing opportunities.

The Leap Day special is part of the bar’s efforts to bring people together, offering a compelling reason to socialize, enjoy good food, and drink at unbeatable prices.

Backyard Bangkok, including District B, is positioned as a new alternative to the potentially endangered W District, indicating a shift towards creating vibrant community spaces that cater to the diverse tastes of Bangkok’s residents and visitors.

With events like the District B Singles Party, the venue aims to foster real-life connections among expats living in Bangkok’s Phra Khanong, On Nut and Sukhumvit areas, enhancing the social fabric of the city.