Dollies of the Day – 2 Terrific Tilac Tartlets

Tasty Tilac Tartlets

Tilac is a bar that doesn’t get a lot of mention here, but Digital a-Go-Go was there last week with the girls asking for a bit of DGO lens magic.

Tilac was once the king of Soi Cowboy bars, but you’d have to go back 15 years to the last time it had any sort of buzz. But the bar has carried on with the same model it always had, with sexy coyotes who either won’t barfine or whose barfine is 3,000 baht or more, plus friendly, if not beautiful, dancers.

Stickman Bangkok once called it “Simply the Best“. This, of course, was 2009, long before Billboard, which took the crown after 2015 and hasn’t given it back. In May this year, Stickman wrote “Tilac just doesn’t have the vibrance of old.”

But there are always needles in that haystack, diamonds in the rough, so stop by Tilac and try your luck!

Try Tilac

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