Dollies of the Day – Billboard Babes 2023

Billboard Babes 2023

It’s not even an argument anymore that Billboard Bangkok has Thailand’s hottest go-go girls. New photos from Digital a-Go-Go provie it.

DGO was at Thailand’s No. 1 go-go bar in Nana Plaza Friday for an epic three-hour shoot with dozens of Billboard Babes. There were too many to fit on the stage – the group shots are done when the bar is open so the carousel is not available – so here are five beautifies.

Digital a-Go-Go has a new website and interview with Stickman Bangkok. Both show why DGO is the leader in bar photography and marketing.

Dolly of the Day photos are shot by Digital-a-Go-Go, Bangkok’s No. 1 photography and marketing agency for the nightlife industry. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

And, remember, you can get photos of Dave’s Dolly of the Day on Instagram. Just follow the image stream here.