Dollies of the Day – Billboard Babes

For nearly eight years, Billboard has had the most beautiful go-go girls in Thailand and here’s Exhibit A.

There are many reasons why the top-floor Nana Plaza go-go bar is packed every night: Great music, amazing lights, the meticulously cared-for interior, fantastic service and a pure nightclub feel, but the top reason is that Billboard attracts the most beautiful women in the industry.

This recent group shot by Digital-a-Go-Go is proof. It’s a mix of longtime girls and new faces. You’ll find most of them spinning around the carousel stage or in the hot tub tonight.

Dolly of the Day photos like this of the Shark PR girls are shot by Digital-a-Go-Go, Bangkok’s No. 1 photography and marketing agency for the nightlife industry. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

And, remember, you can get photos of Dave’s Dolly of the Day on Instagram. Just follow the image stream here.