Dollies of the Day: Dollhouse Sexy Sign Girls

Dollhouse Sign Girls. Photo: Cambodia Jim

The new(ish) Dollhouse Soi Cowboy sign looks great. But it looks truly amazing with these two ladies in front of it.

Photographer Cambodia Jim is in town this week and spent a couple nights having fun and shooting snaps of the Dollhouse dollies. Jim’s photos are always lively and natural.

They’re a great change-of-pace from the premium glamor photography of Digital-a-Go-Go, who also has shot in Dollhouse.

One of Jim’s personal quests this week was to get a couple of hotties in front of the new LED Dollhouse sign. He had done a similar photo with the old sign more than four years ago, but this time it was more complicated.

The new sign is a lot higher.

How do you get two girls in the photo and not make the sign look tiny? Skill. More than other bar photographers than Cambodia Jim or Digital-a-Go-Go have. Amateurs could never pull off this shot.

No trade secrets about how it was done, but no AI was used and no Photoshop collage hacks. About 95% of the shot was just like this straight out of the camera.

Jim, who prides himself on details, actually went out earlier that day and bought the pink and yellow bikinis the girls are wearing. Attention to detail is what sets pros apart from amateurs and you’ll notice the bikinis are the colors of the Dollhouse sign.

Great job Jim and we hope to see more Dollhouse photos soon!