Dolly Of The Day – Amazing Annie

Dolly Of The Day! This is the bubbly Annie who I know personally from my vast Go-Go Guru days in Bangkok. If you visit Angelwitch, please pass on my best wishes to Annie. This pocket rocket is one of the much more sexperienced go-go dancers both inside and outside of the pleasure palace. Annie is not at all farm fresh, she is a thoroughbred racehorse! Tell Annie you know Dave The Rave and you could well get special treatment from her. Hey, it’s better than being a cold caller. From what I know of Annie, she is a great all-rounder (nudge nudge, wink wink), but always make sure your energy levels are high enough. Happy Hunting!

To refresh your memory, Angelwitch Rock Dancers is located next door to Spanky’s on the middle level of the world-famous Nana Plaza. Angelwitch is the award-winning go-go and show bar that was voted the best go-go bar in Bangkok for three years consecutively. It still operates in a go-go and show format, alternating between sets of go-go dancing and stage shows. I was the manager at Angelwitch for 10 years and I know the new owners are wise to stick to the highly successful, original format of choreographed stage shows and classic rock music.

To be truthful, the last time I actually visited Angelwitch was in 2020 just before the Covid-19 crisis. This nasty pandemic spread like a wild bushfire. It caused so much devastation to Thailand’s entertainment and tourism sectors that it shut those two sectors down almost overnight. Now we fast forward to today… I do know from my reliable boots on the ground that Annie is still at Angelwitch right now. You can now go ahead and meet Annie and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Special thanks for the great photo from Digital a-Go-Go.