Dolly of the Day – Sexy Som

'Sexy Som' from Whiskey & Go-Go, Nana Plaza Soi 4
'Sexy Som' from Whiskey & Go-Go, Nana Plaza Soi 4. (Photo: Digital-a-Go-Go)

Sexy Som is one of the veterans at Whiskey & Go-Go in Nana Plaza, having worked there for most of the relatively short amount of time the middle-floor go-go has been open.

Whiskey, a small lounge-style go-go located next to the steps on the middle floor, next to Random where the Chili ladyboy bar once was, had the misfortune to open just before Covid-19 hit. But it was also the first bar to put girls back on stage last year, albeit in cocktail dresses.

Sexy Som found a home in Whiskey back during Covid and, unlike most girls, who float from bar to bar, she has stayed put, building a Rolodex of regular customers and guiding new girls how to make money in a bar that doesn’t make much money.

She is naturally photogenic and, Digital-a-Go-Go, who has shot her since March 2022, said she loved the camera… at first. But, after a while, she refused to do pictures. Then, out of the blue, she suddenly wanted to pose again at the end of last year. Probably because she saw how good Digital-a-Go-Go makes all his girls look.

He’s one strange thing: This is the rare Thai girl who actually looks better in photos than in real life. Not that she’s ugly IRL. Hardly! But Digital-a-Go-Go constantly marvels at how well she photographs. So enjoy!

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