Dolly of the Day – Wardrobe Malfunction

This well-endowed beauty at Red Dragon is literally popping out of her bikini.
If it weren't for that pastie, this Red Dragon beauty would be having a major wardrobe malfunction! (Photo: Digital-a-Go-Go)

Remember Janet Jackson and her “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl? In 2004, co-performer Justin Timberlake accidentally snagged Janet’s top and, pop!, out flies her boob to a worldwide audience! Well, this well-endowed babe from Red Dragon in Nana Plaza nearly had her own wardrobe malfunction!

If you look closely at her chest – and who isn’t? – you’ll see a skin-colored pastie covering her nipple area. Squeezing her boobs tight for Digital-a-Go-Go’s camera, she popped right out of her bikini top without knowing it. Credit to her, though, for using such a well-toned pastie. Most girls slap on bright white ones, which look horrible.

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