Patrick, Rudy Throw Wild Double Birthday at Tycoon, Lace Lounge Nana Plaza Friday

Double Birthday at Tycoon

Things are going to get messy Friday night when current & former bar managers Patrick & Rudy host a double birthday at Tycoon in Nana Plaza.

Rudy recently left Tycoon after working day and night for nearly a year getting sister bar Lace Lounge off the ground. That leaves Patrick running the show at both top-floor Nana Plaza go-gos.

This is a big double birthday at Tycoon for both guys: Rudy is off to the U.S. for the summer while Patrick is getting hitched next month. So it’s his last birthday as a single guy and Rudy’s last big night in Thailand for a while.

And if there’s anything the Tycoon & Lace ladies love to do, it’s party! They go hard and long, just like they like their guys to do. So you know the double birthday at Tycoon and Lace Lounge is the place to be Friday night.

Double birthday at Tycoon

What can you expect at Patrick & Rudy’s double birthday at Tycoon? Lots of booze! Think bottles. Think shots. Cheers to everyone!

There also will be about 40 sexy ladies wearing very little bouncing between floors at Tycoon and Lace Lounge. They’ll all be in good spirits and will go until early morning.

Lace Lounge comes into its own

Lace Lounge is Nana Plaza’s new “hidden bar. Hands down the best-looking bar since Blondie, Lace has a buzz among people who have discovered it, quickly gaining plaudits for its lower music volume, ridiculously comfy sofas, low light and cozy vibe.

Lace is already accomplishing what bar owners always want: Getting customers to stay for more than one drink.

For low season, Lace Lounge is “closed” on Sundays and Mondays but will open upon request the other days if you’re enjoying yourself with a Tycoon temptress and want to adjourn upstairs to for a VIP experience.