Go-Go Bars Open From Noon In Nana Plaza

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Daytime Delight! Along with all of the Nana Group beer bars, 3 go-go bars will also open from NOON on the ground level of Nana Plaza. This is great news if you are a daytime drinker seeking some eye candy. For lady-boy lovers Obsession Go-Go Bar is open in the daytime. But, for the majority of you who like go-go girls, they can be found in Hollywood Go-Go Bar and also Lollipop Go-Go Bar. This has not happened since the days of Clinton Plaza, so I suggest that you make the most of it and show your support.

Another positive regarding the daytime opening hours is that local beers and spirits are ONLY 80 BAHT (noon till 8 PM). By Bangkok’s standards this is less than 50% of what some go-go bars charge. Don’t be shy give it a try!