Hangover 2 Hits Bangkok Movie Theaters

Hangover Sequel Makes An Impact At Thai Movie Theaters

The eagerly awaited movie Hangover 2 that was filmed in Bangkok, is now showing in Thai cinemas. Below is a YouTube trailer showing you what to expect. There is an outrageous scene involving a machine gun, filmed inside Tilac Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy. This is just one outrageous incident of many in this popular American comedy.

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One of the stars of Hangover 2 was complaining to the media about how ‘disgusted’ he was with Bangkok’s naughty nightlife. However, he had no problem getting paid a ton of money to star in the Thailand based movie. Hangover 2 has a number of outrageous situations, including a scene inside a Bangkok go-go bar. Perhaps he has led a sheltered life, or is it a case of double standards?

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Since its release Hangover 2 has made an impact in movie theaters…


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