In Photos: Never-Ending Pattaya Roadwork

Pattaya Beach Road and its footpaths are a disaster for hundreds of meters at a time as the road is widened, again.
Pattaya Beach Road and its footpaths are a disaster for hundreds of meters at a time as the road is widened, again.

In recent years, any discussion of Pattaya has inevitably included the seemingly never-ending roadwork. This week, there were both positive and negative updates regarding this ongoing issue. On a positive note, the majority of the disruptive roadwork on Second Road has finally been completed, and although the road is not fully finished, it has been reopened, significantly reducing traffic congestion in the area.

However, the bad news continues for Beach Road, which is currently undergoing a two-year period of new landscaping. Although the sidewalks in North Pattaya were reopened for the music festival, the beach footpath is still inaccessible for around 300 meters around Soi 6. Workers were seen on Saturday morning laying new tiles, which appear to be of good quality, particularly in the Music Festival stage area.

Pattaya has been undergoing significant infrastructure development for several years, with the city’s roads and drainage systems receiving much-needed attention. While the construction work has certainly been disruptive, the aim is to improve the city’s infrastructure and reduce flooding during the rainy season.

Regarding road construction, in addition to the work on Second Road, there are several ongoing projects throughout the city. These include the widening of Sukhumvit Road, which is one of the main arteries into Pattaya and connects the city to Bangkok. The widening of the road aims to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion, particularly during peak hours.

In terms of sewer construction, Pattaya has been working to expand and improve its wastewater treatment facilities to accommodate the city’s growing population and tourism industry. The city’s sewer network has been a long-standing issue, with much of the city’s waste being discharged into the ocean. The new treatment facilities aim to reduce the amount of untreated waste entering the ocean, which has been damaging the city’s reputation and tourism industry.

Although the construction work has certainly caused some disruption, the end result will be a more modern and efficient city that can better accommodate its residents and visitors. The Pattaya government has been working closely with contractors to ensure that the construction work is carried out as efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption to businesses and residents.